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Shy Martin: The Talented Swedish Songwriter Taking the World by Storm

When it comes to talented songwriters, one name that stands out in the music industry is Shy Martin. Born on November 5, 1993, in Sweden, this Scorpio artist has managed to captivate audiences worldwide with her heartfelt lyrics and mesmerizing melodies.

At just 29 years old, Shy Martin has already made a significant impact on the music scene, collaborating with some of the biggest names in the industry. In this article, we will delve into her background, exploring her journey before the fame, and uncovering the secrets behind her remarkable success.


Born and raised in Sweden, Shy Martin discovered her passion for music at a young age. With a knack for songwriting, she found solace in expressing her emotions through lyrics and melodies.

Inspired by artists like Bob Dylan and Taylor Swift, Shy Martin developed her own unique sound, blending elements of pop, folk, and electro-pop. Despite her reserved nature, Shy Martin’s music speaks volumes.

Each song is a window into her soul, with the ability to resonate with listeners on a deep and personal level. It is this vulnerability and authenticity that sets her apart from other songwriters in the industry.

With her unmistakable talent, it was only a matter of time before Shy Martin caught the attention of industry professionals. In 2016, she co-wrote and performed vocals on Mike Perry’s hit single “The Ocean,” which propelled her into the spotlight.

This breakout moment opened doors for collaborations with renowned artists, such as Kygo, Bebe Rexha, and Astrid S. Since then, Shy Martin has released several solo singles, including “Forget To Forget,” “Good Together,” and “Out of My Hands,” all of which have garnered millions of streams on various platforms.

Her music strikes a chord with listeners young and old, showcasing her ability to create relatable and emotionally charged songs. [Before Fame]

Before her rise to fame, Shy Martin’s journey was not without its challenges.

As a young songwriter, she faced the obstacle of breaking into an industry dominated by established artists. However, her determination and talent ultimately propelled her forward.

One of the key turning points in Shy Martin’s career came when she moved to Stockholm to study music production. This decision allowed her to immerse herself in a creative environment, surrounded by like-minded individuals who shared her passion for music.

During her time in Stockholm, Shy Martin honed her songwriting skills and gained valuable industry knowledge. She collaborated with other aspiring musicians, building a network that would prove to be instrumental in her future success.

Through hard work and perseverance, she soon found herself writing songs for some of the biggest names in the Swedish music scene. It was the fateful collaboration with Mike Perry on “The Ocean” that propelled Shy Martin into the international spotlight.

The success of the song showcased her talent to a broader audience and caught the attention of industry professionals worldwide. After the success of “The Ocean,” Shy Martin continued to collaborate with artists, co-writing hit songs like Kygo’s “First Time” featuring Ellie Goulding, Bebe Rexha’s “No Broken Hearts,” and Astrid S’s “Breathe.” These collaborations not only showcased her versatility as a songwriter but solidified her position as a sought-after name in the music industry.

As she continued to grow her solo discography, Shy Martin released her debut EP, “Overthinking,” in 2019. The EP received critical acclaim, further cementing her status as a rising star.

With her introspective lyrics and soaring vocals, Shy Martin has established herself as a force to be reckoned with. [Conclusion]

In conclusion, Shy Martin’s journey from a shy songwriter in Sweden to an internationally recognized artist is nothing short of remarkable.

Her ability to channel her emotions into heartfelt lyrics and captivating melodies has endeared her to millions of fans around the world. With her talent and determination, there is no doubt that Shy Martin will continue to leave her mark on the music industry for years to come.


Shy Martin: Fun Facts and Trivia About the Rising Star

Behind the scenes, Shy Martin has a fascinating story filled with interesting trivia that adds depth to her already impressive musical journey. Let’s dive into some fun facts and trivia about this rising star that you may not know.

1. Secret Identity: Did you know that Shy Martin is not her real name?

Born Sara Hjellstrm, she adopted the stage name “Shy Martin” to reflect her naturally introverted and reserved personality. This choice perfectly encapsulates her essence as an artist, allowing her to express herself through her music while maintaining her authenticity.

2. Early Musical Beginnings: Shy Martin’s love for music started at a young age.

She began playing the guitar and writing songs as a teenager. Her early musical experiences helped shape her unique sound and lyrical style.

It is these foundations that have influenced her ability to craft emotionally driven and relatable songs. 3.

Multi-Talented Musician: While Shy Martin is primarily known for her songwriting prowess and enchanting vocals, she is also skilled in playing various instruments. In addition to her proficiency on the guitar, she can play the piano, ukulele, and drums.

This broad musical knowledge allows her to experiment with different sounds and create captivating compositions. 4.

Independent Spirit: Despite her rising fame, Shy Martin remains an independent artist. She embraces the freedom and creative control that comes with independence, allowing her to stay true to her artistic vision.

This autonomy enables her to continue pushing boundaries and exploring new musical territories. 5.

Digital Beginnings: Shy Martin’s breakout moment came in the digital realm. As a young artist, she gained recognition through platforms such as SoundCloud and YouTube, where she uploaded her early original compositions.

These online platforms provided a gateway for her music to reach a wider audience, leading to collaborations and eventually catapulting her into stardom. 6.

Global Chart-Toppers: Shy Martin’s songwriting skills have contributed to the success of several chart-topping hits. Her co-writing credit on Kygo’s “First Time” featuring Ellie Goulding resulted in the song reaching the top 10 on music charts in multiple countries, including Norway, Sweden, and the United Kingdom.

This achievement solidified her reputation as a hit-making songwriter. 7.

Collaborative Spirit: Shy Martin is known for her collaborative work with various artists. Through her collaborations, she has demonstrated her ability to adapt her songwriting style to different genres and voices.

Her versatility and willingness to collaborate have allowed her to expand her musical horizons and explore new creative territories. [Family Life]

Behind Shy Martin’s success and talent lies a supportive family who has been by her side throughout her journey.

Let’s take a closer look at her family life and how they have influenced her musical career. 1.

Musical Background: The love for music runs in Shy Martin’s family. Her parents, who are both musicians themselves, fostered an environment filled with creativity and artistic expression.

Growing up in a household that valued music allowed her to explore her passion and develop her talent from an early age. 2.

Collaborative Family: Shy Martin’s family not only supported her musical aspirations, but they also became an integral part of her creative process. Her father, a guitarist, and her mother, a keyboardist, often collaborate with her on various projects.

This familial bond adds a unique dynamic to her music, showcasing the synergy that exists within the family. 3.

Inspiration and Mentorship: Shy Martin credits her family as her biggest source of inspiration and mentorship. They have played a crucial role in shaping her music and nurturing her talents.

Their encouragement and guidance have allowed her to flourish as an artist and continually push the boundaries of her creative expression. 4.

Musical Influences: Growing up in a musical household exposed Shy Martin to a diverse range of musical influences. Her parents introduced her to different genres, from folk and pop to jazz and classical.

This eclectic mix of musical styles has influenced her own sound, helping her develop a unique and captivating musical identity. 5.

Emotional Support: The unwavering support and love from her family have been instrumental in Shy Martin’s journey. They have been there through the ups and downs, offering a strong support system that allows her to navigate the challenges of the music industry.

Their belief in her talent and dedication has given her the strength to persevere and reach new heights in her career. 6.

Collaborative Projects: In addition to collaborating within her family, Shy Martin has also worked on various musical projects involving her siblings. Her brother, Pontus Hjelm, is a member of the Swedish rock band Dead by April.

Shy Martin has lent her songwriting skills to the band, showcasing her versatility and ability to craft songs that transcend genres. 7.

Maintaining Privacy: Despite her rising fame, Shy Martin has managed to maintain a sense of privacy when it comes to her personal life and family. While she occasionally shares snippets of her family life on social media, she remains focused on letting her music speak for itself.

This commitment to privacy allows her to maintain a healthy balance between her public and personal life. As Shy Martin continues to make waves in the music industry, her family remains a constant source of love, inspiration, and support.

Their influence has shaped her as an artist and continues to fuel her creative journey, ensuring that her music resonates with listeners all over the world. [No conclusion]

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