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Shaant Hacikyan’s Birthday, Family, Bio

Shaant Hacikyan: The Rock Singer from Buffalo, NY

There are some artists who have a special talent for captivating their audience, and one such artist is Shaant Hacikyan. Born on November 7, 1986, in Buffalo, NY, Shaant Hacikyan is a notable rock singer who has made a name for himself in the music industry.

With his powerful vocals and energetic stage presence, he has managed to win the hearts of millions of fans around the world. In this article, we will delve into the life and career of Shaant Hacikyan, from his humble beginnings to his rise to fame.

Before rising to fame, Shaant Hacikyan had a rather ordinary childhood in Buffalo, NY. Like many teenagers, he dreamed of becoming a musician and pursued his passion for music from an early age.

His love for rock music stemmed from his exposure to classics like Guns N’ Roses, Aerosmith, and Queen. Inspired by these legendary rock bands, Hacikyan honed his vocal skills and started performing at local gigs and open mic nights.

Despite his undeniable talent, Hacikyan faced numerous struggles on his path to success. He had to juggle multiple jobs to make ends meet while simultaneously dedicating every spare moment to his music career.

However, his perseverance and dedication eventually paid off when he was discovered by a music producer who recognized his potential. In 2002, Shaant Hacikyan formed the band Cute Is What We Aim For, which quickly gained popularity in the alternative rock scene.

The band’s unique sound, characterized by catchy melodies and heartfelt lyrics, resonated with fans all over the world. Their debut studio album, “The Same Old Blood Rush with a New Touch,” was released in 2006 and received critical acclaim.

As the lead vocalist of Cute Is What We Aim For, Hacikyan became known for his distinct voice and charismatic stage presence. His live performances were electrifying, leaving audiences in awe of his talent and leaving them wanting more.

The band continued to release successful albums, including “Rotation” in 2008 and “Cute Is What We Aim For” in 2010. Despite the band’s success, Cute Is What We Aim For disbanded in 2011, leaving fans devastated.

However, this didn’t deter Hacikyan from pursuing his passion for music. He embarked on a solo career, releasing his debut EP, “Shaant,” in 2013.

The EP showcased his growth as an artist and featured heartfelt songs that resonated with his loyal fanbase. In 2018, Hacikyan formed a new band called The Future Perfect, signaling a fresh chapter in his musical journey.

The band’s debut album, “The Future Perfect,” was released in 2020 and showcased their evolution as a group. With their infectious energy and heartfelt lyrics, The Future Perfect has already made a strong impact on the alternative rock scene.

Today, at 36 years old, Shaant Hacikyan continues to impress fans with his talent and dedication to his craft. His music serves as an inspiration to many aspiring musicians, reminding them that success is attainable with hard work and perseverance.

Whether he is performing on stage or recording new music, Hacikyan’s passion for music shines through, making him a force to be reckoned with in the industry. In conclusion, Shaant Hacikyan’s journey from Buffalo, NY, to becoming a renowned rock singer is a testament to the power of determination and talent.

Despite facing numerous challenges along the way, he never gave up on his dreams and continued to pursue his passion for music. Today, he stands as a shining example of what can be achieved with hard work, dedication, and a love for one’s craft.

Through his music, Hacikyan has touched the lives of millions and left an indelible mark on the rock music landscape. 3: Trivia

Shaant Hacikyan may be best known for his music career, but there are some interesting trivia facts about him that fans might not be aware of.

Let’s dive into some intriguing details about this talented rock singer. One interesting trivia fact about Shaant Hacikyan is that he is of Armenian descent.

This heritage holds immense significance to him, as his grandparents emigrated to the United States from Armenia. Hacikyan takes pride in his Armenian roots and often incorporates his culture into his music.

Another trivia fact about Hacikyan is that he is also a skilled songwriter. While he is primarily recognized for his vocal abilities, he has a knack for crafting heartfelt and relatable lyrics.

Hacikyan’s lyrical prowess shines through in songs like “The Curse of Curves” and “Miss Sobriety,” which have resonated with fans around the world. In addition to his musical talents, Hacikyan is also known for his charismatic personality.

He has a witty sense of humor and often engages with his fans on social media platforms. Hacikyan’s down-to-earth nature and genuine interactions have endeared him to his dedicated fanbase.

Another trivia fact that may surprise fans is that Hacikyan is multilingual. Along with English, he is fluent in Armenian and can also converse in French.

His diverse language skills not only reflect his cultural background but also demonstrate his global perspective on music and life. Lastly, Hacikyan is an avid animal lover.

He has a strong affinity for dogs and often advocates for animal welfare. Hacikyan has even adopted rescue dogs and frequently shares posts on social media encouraging others to consider adopting instead of buying pets.

4: Family Life

Behind every successful individual is a supportive and loving family, and Shaant Hacikyan is no exception. The rock singer has had a close-knit family that has played an integral role in his journey towards success.

Born and raised in Buffalo, NY, Hacikyan comes from a family that values music and creative expression. From a young age, his parents recognized his passion for music and encouraged him to pursue his dreams.

They provided him with unwavering support and stood by him through the ups and downs of his music career. In addition to his parents, Hacikyan has a younger brother named Saron Hacikyan.

Like Shaant, Saron also shares a love for music and has been involved in various musical projects himself. The Hacikyan brothers have even collaborated on some projects, showcasing their shared passion and musical prowess.

Hacikyan’s family’s support extends beyond the immediate household, as he has often mentioned the influence of his extended family members. His grandparents’ migration from Armenia to the United States has had a profound impact on his life and music.

Their experiences and heritage have shaped Hacikyan’s perspective and fueled his determination to succeed. Furthermore, Hacikyan’s family continues to be a source of inspiration and motivation for him.

He has expressed gratitude for their unwavering belief in his talent and their constant encouragement. Their presence at his performances and their words of encouragement have fueled his drive to pursue his musical aspirations.

While Hacikyan is primarily focused on his music career, he also values spending quality time with his family whenever possible. Despite his busy schedule, he strives to create memorable moments with his loved ones, cherishing the support and love they have shown him throughout his journey.

In conclusion, Shaant Hacikyan’s family has played a significant role in his life and music career. Their support, love, and encouragement have been invaluable to him, providing the foundation that has allowed him to pursue his dreams and achieve success in the music industry.

Their influence and presence continue to inspire Hacikyan as he strives to create music that resonates with fans around the world.

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