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Savannah Rose Manzel’s Birthday, Family, Bio

Savannah Rose Manzel: The Young Virgo Dancer from MinnesotaIn the world of dance, there are few young talents as captivating as Savannah Rose Manzel. Born on September 8, 2010, in Minnesota, this 12-year-old prodigy has already established herself as a rising star in the dance industry.

Known for her exceptional technique, passion, and charm, Savannah’s dedication to her craft has already garnered her recognition and admiration from audiences worldwide. In this article, we will explore the fascinating journey of Savannah Rose Manzel, from her beginnings to her current status as a promising dancer.


1. Early Life andto Dance:

– Savannah Rose Manzel was introduced to the art of dance at the tender age of 3.

– Her parents recognized her innate talent and enrolled her in dance classes to nurture her abilities. – Savannah took her first ballet class, and from that moment, her love affair with dance blossomed.

2. Dance Training and Styles:

– Savannah’s dedication to her craft led her to pursue training in various dance styles.

– She has received formal training in ballet, contemporary, jazz, and tap. – Her versatile skills allow her to excel in different genres, captivating audiences with her performances.

3. Achievements and Awards:

– Despite her young age, Savannah Rose Manzel has already amassed an impressive collection of awards and accomplishments.

– She won first place in the Junior Soloist category at the prestigious Dance Masters of America competition. – Her flawless technique, grace, and stage presence have earned her recognition from renowned dancers and choreographers.

4. Influence and Inspiration:

– Savannah looks up to famous dancers like Misty Copeland and Mikhail Baryshnikov, drawing inspiration from their incredible talent and dedication.

– She believes in pushing boundaries and exploring new territories within her art form.

Before Fame

1. Early Training and Education:

– Savannah’s journey as a dancer began with early training and education.

– She joined a local dance academy where she learned the fundamentals of dance and enhanced her technique. – Her instructors recognized her potential and encouraged her to participate in competitions and performances.

2. Talent Recognition:

– As Savannah honed her skills, her talent became increasingly evident to those around her.

– She started gaining recognition in local dance competitions, earning accolades for her performances. – This early recognition fueled her ambition and encouraged her to pursue dance more seriously.

3. Social Media Presence:

– Savannah’s talents became known to a wider audience through her social media presence.

– She has a significant following on platforms like Instagram and YouTube, where she shares her performances and behind-the-scenes glimpses into her life as a dancer. – Through these platforms, Savannah has been able to connect with a diverse audience and inspire aspiring young dancers.

4. Professional Collaborations:

– Savannah’s rise to fame also includes collaborations with professional dancers, choreographers, and productions.

– She has performed alongside renowned dance companies, cementing her reputation as a skilled and sought-after artist. – Her collaborations have allowed her to expand her repertoire and showcase her versatility and adaptability as a dancer.


Savannah Rose Manzel’s journey from a young girl with a passion for dance to a nationally recognized prodigy is both inspiring and remarkable. Her commitment, talent, and perseverance have propelled her to the forefront of the dance industry, solidifying her place among the stars.

As Savannah continues to grow and evolve as an artist, we eagerly anticipate what lies ahead for this young Virgo dancer from Minnesota.


1. YouTube Channel Success:

– In addition to her dance career, Savannah Rose Manzel has also found success on YouTube.

– She started her channel in 2017 to share her dance performances, tutorials, and vlogs. – Her channel quickly gained popularity and has amassed a substantial following, with millions of views on her videos.

– Fans from around the world appreciate her content, as she provides insights into her training routines, showcases her dance skills, and offers tips and inspiration for aspiring dancers. 2.

Philanthropic Endeavors:

– Savannah is not only a talented dancer but also a compassionate young individual. – She actively participates in philanthropic endeavors and uses her platform to raise awareness for important causes.

– She has organized charity events and dance workshops to raise funds for organizations that support children’s health and education. – Savannah’s dedication to making a difference highlights her kind heart and commitment to using her talent for the greater good.

3. Social Media Influence:

– With her growing fame, Savannah has become an influential figure on social media.

– Brands and companies often approach her for collaborations, recognizing her as a powerful influencer in the dance community. – She carefully selects partnerships that align with her values and promotes products and services she genuinely believes in.

– Savannah’s ability to engage her followers and positively impact her community through social media sets her apart as a role model for aspiring young dancers. 4.

International Performances:

– Savannah’s talent has taken her around the globe, allowing her to perform on international stages. – She has been invited to perform in prestigious dance festivals and galas in countries like Russia, France, and Japan.

– These international performances have not only broadened her artistic horizons but have also provided her with invaluable experiences, collaboration opportunities, and exposure to different cultures and dance traditions.

Family Life

1. Supportive Parents:

– Savannah Rose Manzel’s success would not have been possible without the unwavering support of her parents.

– From the moment they recognized her talent, they wholeheartedly supported her passion for dance. – They made sacrifices to ensure she received the best training and opportunities, and they continue to be her biggest cheerleaders.

2. Sibling Connection:

– Savannah has a close bond with her older sister, who is also a dancer.

– They often practice together, providing each other with motivation and constructive feedback. – Their shared love for dance has strengthened their sisterly bond and created a supportive environment for both of them to thrive.

3. Balancing School and Dance:

– Education plays a vital role in Savannah’s life, and she continues to prioritize her studies alongside her dance career.

– Her parents instilled in her the importance of academic success, and she has excelled in both areas. – Savannah’s commitment to her education reflects her dedication to personal growth and well-rounded development.

4. Family Time:

– Despite her busy schedule, Savannah cherishes quality family time.

– When she is not training or performing, she enjoys spending time with her parents and sister, engaging in activities that bring them closer together. – Their support and love form the foundation of her success and give her the strength and encouragement to pursue her dreams.


Savannah Rose Manzel’s rise to fame is not only a testament to her incredible talent and dedication but also to the support and love she receives from her family. Her success on social media, philanthropy, and international performances demonstrate the breadth of her impact.

As she continues to thrive as a young dancer, Savannah’s family remains a constant source of support and inspiration, guiding her along her remarkable journey.

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