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Roger Clyne’s Birthday, Family, Bio

Roger Clyne: The Rock Singer from ArizonaRoger Clyne is a renowned rock singer hailing from Arizona. Born on January 13, 1968, Clyne’s captivating voice and incredible stage presence have made him a respected figure in the music industry.

This article will delve into Clyne’s life, exploring his journey before fame, his contributions to the rock genre, and his impact on the Arizona music scene. Join us as we uncover the story of this talented musician.

About Roger Clyne

– Roger Clyne was born on January 13, 1968, making him 55 years old. – His birth sign is Capricorn, reflecting his ambitious and determined nature.

– Clyne’s passion for music began at a young age, fueled by his love for rock and roll. – He is renowned for his powerful voice, expressive lyrics, and energetic live performances.

Before Fame

– Early Childhood: Clyne’s musical journey started in his early childhood years. – Growing up in Arizona, Clyne was exposed to a vibrant music scene that influenced his musical aspirations.

– He quickly developed a love for the guitar and began writing his own music. – Formation of The Refreshments: In the late 1980s, Clyne co-founded the band called The Refreshments.

– Their unique blend of rock, country, and alternative sound gained popularity. – The band signed with Mercury Records and achieved mainstream success with their hit single “Banditos” in 1996.

– Solo Career: After the disbandment of The Refreshments, Clyne embarked on a solo career. – He formed a new band called Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers.

– The band released several albums, including “Honky Tonk Union,” “Americano!,” and “No More Beautiful World.”

– Independently Successful: Clyne’s decision to operate independently allowed him to maintain artistic control over his music. – He started his own record label, Emma Java Records, which further solidified his position as an independent artist.

– Clyne’s unwavering commitment to his craft and his loyal fanbase enabled him to continue creating and performing soul-stirring rock music on his own terms.

Contribution to the Rock Genre

– Unique Musical Style: Clyne’s music incorporates elements of rock, country, and alternative genres. – His distinctive sound has captivated fans around the world and garnered critical acclaim.

– Clyne’s ability to infuse his lyrics with emotion and authenticity sets him apart from other rock singers. – Social Commentary: Many of Clyne’s songs touch on social and political issues, providing a powerful voice for those seeking change.

– From the contemplative “Green and Dumb” to the anthemic “Mexico,” Clyne’s lyrics carry important messages. – His music resonates with listeners who appreciate the intersection of art and activism.

– Arizona’s Musical Ambassador: Clyne’s deep connection to his home state of Arizona has made him a musical ambassador for the region. – He actively supports local artists and venues, helping to elevate Arizona’s music scene on a national and international level.

– Clyne’s annual music festival, Circus Mexicus, draws fans from across the globe to Rocky Point, Mexico, further showcasing his love for the Southwest. Conclusion:

In conclusion, Roger Clyne’s journey from an aspiring musician in Arizona to a respected rock singer has been nothing short of remarkable.

His unwavering dedication to his craft, unique musical style, and passion for social commentary make him a true icon in the rock genre. As Clyne turns 55, we can only anticipate the continued success and influence he will bring to the world of music.


– Pueblo High School: Roger Clyne attended Pueblo High School in Tucson, Arizona. It was during his time there that he began exploring his musical interests and formed his first band.

– The Refreshments’ Legacy: Despite disbanding in 1998, The Refreshments left a lasting impact on the music world. Their hit single “Banditos” achieved mainstream success and became an anthem for rebellion and youthful vigor.

– Fanbase in Mexico: Roger Clyne and his bands have a strong following in Mexico. The energetic blend of rock and country in his music appeals to Mexican audiences, and his annual Circus Mexicus festival draws crowds of dedicated fans from both sides of the border.

– Tequila Connection: Clyne has a deep appreciation for tequila, a Mexican alcoholic beverage. He has collaborated with a Mexican distillery to create his own brand of tequila, known as “Mexican Moonshine.”

Family Life

– Wife and Collaborator: Roger Clyne is married to Jennifer, whom he refers to lovingly as “Peaches.” Jennifer has been an integral part of Clyne’s musical journey, offering support and collaborating on various projects. – Children: Clyne and Jennifer have two children together.

They have successfully balanced family life with their demanding careers in the music industry. – Music as a Family Affair: The Clyne family often performs together, with Jennifer contributing backing vocals and the children occasionally joining their father on stage.

This unique dynamic showcases the strong bond and shared passion for music that runs through the family. – Supportive Network: Clyne’s family has been a constant source of support throughout his career.

They have accompanied him on tour and provided a foundation of love and stability in the midst of a hectic rockstar lifestyle. Conclusion:

As we delve deeper into the life of Roger Clyne, we uncover fascinating trivia and intimate details about his family life.

These aspects of his journey add further dimension to his musical legacy. From his high school days and the lasting impact of The Refreshments, to his strong fanbase in Mexico and love for tequila, Clyne’s story is rich and captivating.

Additionally, his loving and collaborative relationship with his wife, Jennifer, and their shared musical experiences as a family highlight the importance of connection and support in Clyne’s life. With each new piece of information, we gain a greater understanding and appreciation for the man behind the microphone.

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