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Title: Rick Genest: The Tattoo Artist With an Unforgettable AppearanceIn a world where self-expression comes in various forms, some individuals leave an indelible mark on society simply by being themselves. Rick Genest, a Canadian tattoo artist, is one such person.

Born on August 7, 1985, Genest’s unique appearance and captivating story have made him an iconic figure. This article delves into his life, from his early days before fame to his incredible journey as a tattoo artist.

Join us as we explore the fascinating world of Rick Genest, the man who defied societal norms and carved his own path.


From his signature inked appearance to his inspiring resilience, Rick Genest has become an emblem of self-expression. Here are some key points about this exceptional individual:


The Living Canvas: Rick Genest, widely known as “Zombie Boy,” transformed his body into a living canvas, adorned with intricate tattoos that mimic a skeletal reconstruction. His skull- and bone-inspired ink covers his entire face and body, reflecting his unconventional approach to self-expression.

2. Unveiling the Inspiration: Genest’s morbidly beautiful tattoos served as a personal reflection of his fascination with death and mortality.

An art form by itself, his body art symbolized embracing one’s own uniqueness, while also challenging social conventions. 3.

In the Limelight: Rick Genest first gained significant media attention in 2011 when he appeared in Lady Gaga’s music video, “Born This Way.” The video showcased his striking tattoos, propelling him to international recognition. Since then, he has been featured in various fashion campaigns, movies, and TV shows, using his presence as a platform to inspire others.

Before Fame

Before capturing the world’s attention, Rick Genest’s journey to becoming an acclaimed tattoo artist was characterized by personal experiences and struggles. Here’s a closer look at his life before fame:


Overcoming Challenges: Genest’s challenging early years included a troubled childhood, marked by bullying and financial difficulties. Despite these obstacles, he remained determined to defy societal expectations, ultimately emerging as a resilient and empowered individual.

2. Ties to the Tattoo World: Before his striking body art became his trademark, Genest began his tattooing career at the age of 16.

Throughout his teenage years, he honed his craft, eventually becoming an accomplished tattoo artist in his own right. 3.

Beyond Tattoos: Rick Genest’s passion for visual arts extended beyond tattoos. He delved into modeling, acting, and even music, incorporating his unique artistic vision into multiple creative outlets.

His eclectic pursuits reflect his refusal to be confined to a single form of expression. Conclusion:

Rick Genest, the extraordinary tattoo artist, continues to captivate audiences with his profound story and striking appearance.

From his fascination with death to his inspiring resilience, he serves as a testament to the power of self-expression. Genest’s unique journey and his unwavering commitment to embracing individuality remind us to celebrate our own uniqueness and to never shy away from challenging societal norms.

Let Rick Genest’s magnetic personality and limitless creativity be a reminder that self-expression knows no boundaries.


Rick Genest’s life is filled with fascinating trivia that adds depth to his intriguing persona. Here are some noteworthy facts about this extraordinary tattoo artist:


Guinness World Records: In 2011, Rick Genest made headlines when he earned a place in the Guinness World Records for having the most insect tattoos (176) on his body. This unique achievement highlighted his dedication to expressing his individuality through his tattoos.

2. Beyond Tattoos: While Rick Genest is most well-known for his striking tattoos, he also had his tongue surgically split to resemble a snake’s tongue.

This controversial alteration further solidified his commitment to embracing his own unique identity. 3.

Zombie Boy’s Tattoos: Rick Genest’s distinctive tattoos, resembling a skeletal reconstruction, were the work of his long-time tattoo artist, Frank Lewis. The intricate design process took over six months and required meticulous attention to detail.

Each tattoo symbolizes a profound connection to Genest’s fascination with death and mortality. 4.

The Tattooed-Fugitive Encounter: In 2011, Rick Genest’s life took an unexpected turn when he was wrongfully accused of murdering a man in Montreal. Despite being innocent, his heavily tattooed appearance made him a target for unjust prejudice.

However, the real killer was eventually apprehended, and Genest was exonerated.

Family Life

Rick Genest’s family played a significant role in shaping his journey as a tattoo artist and supporting him through its ups and downs. Here are some insights into his family life:


Supportive Parents: Rick Genest was born and raised in LaSalle, Montreal, Canada, to parents Andre Genest and Linda Genest. Despite the challenges Genest faced, his parents remained supportive of his unique choices, encouraging him to embrace his individuality and express himself through his art.

2. Sibling Inspiration: Rick Genest shared a close bond with his younger sister, Zombie Girl (real name Marley Monn).

Inspired by her brother’s fearless approach to self-expression, Zombie Girl also pursued a tattooing career. Together, they became advocates for body positivity and artistic freedom.

3. A Tragic Loss: In 2019, Rick Genest’s family faced a devastating tragedy when his younger brother, Michael, passed away.

Michael had been an ardent supporter of Genest’s artistic journey and had his own unique tattoo collection. This loss deeply affected Rick Genest, and he continues to honor his brother’s memory through his work.

4. Legacy and Impact: Rick Genest’s family has played an integral role in preserving his unique artistry and spreading his message.

Following his death in 2018, Genest’s loved ones acted as custodians of his legacy, ensuring that his work continues to inspire others to embrace their individuality with pride. Conclusion:

Rick Genest’s life is full of intriguing trivia and deep ties to his family.

From his Guinness World Record to his emotionally charged family dynamics, these aspects provide a deeper understanding of the man behind the iconic tattooed appearance. Despite the challenges he faced, Genest’s family and personal experiences shaped him into the remarkable artist the world came to know and cherish.

Let his journey inspire us all to embrace our own uniqueness and appreciate the unwavering support of loved ones. Rick Genest’s legacy lives on as a testament to the power of self-expression and the importance of preserving one’s authenticity.

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