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Reilly Opelka’s Birthday, Family, Bio

Reilly Opelka: Rising Star in the World of TennisIn the world of professional tennis, few players have gained as much attention and recognition as Reilly Opelka. With his towering height, powerful serves, and impressive skills, Opelka has made a name for himself in the sport.

In this article, we will delve into the life and career of this young tennis prodigy, exploring his journey before fame and the achievements that have solidified his place in the tennis world.


– Reilly Opelka, born on August 28, 1997, is a professional tennis player hailing from the United States. – Opelka, standing at an impressive 6 feet 11 inches, is known for his tall stature and powerful serves, which have become his trademark in the sport.

– He turned professional in 2015 and has since climbed the ranks, earning him a place amongst the top tennis players in the world. – Opelka primarily plays as a singles player but has also dabbled in doubles events, showcasing his versatility on the court.

– Throughout his career, Opelka has displayed incredible determination, resilience, and a relentless work ethic, making him a force to be reckoned with on any tennis court.

Before Fame

Early Years:

– Reilly Opelka was born and raised in St. Joseph, Missouri, where he first discovered his love for tennis at a young age. – Coming from a sporting family, with his father being a basketball player and his mother a volleyball player, Opelka had an innate interest in athletics.

– At the age of six, Opelka started honing his tennis skills, displaying a natural talent and a passion for the sport. – His parents recognized his potential and supported his dreams, enrolling him in tennis lessons and encouraging him to participate in local tournaments.

Junior Career:

– As Opelka progressed through his junior career, his talent became increasingly evident, capturing the attention of tennis enthusiasts and professionals alike. – In 2015, he made a breakthrough when he won the Boys’ Wimbledon Championships, defeating Mikael Ymer in an enthralling final.

– This victory not only showcased Opelka’s skills but also earned him a wild card entry into the main draw of the US Open later that year. Entry into Professional Tennis:

– Reilly Opelka officially turned professional in 2015, eager to test his mettle against the best players in the world.

– In his early years on the professional circuit, Opelka faced several challenges, including injuries and the learning curve of adapting his game to the senior level. – However, his perseverance paid off, and in 2019, Opelka achieved his breakthrough moment at the New York Open, where he won his first ATP Tour title.

– This victory cemented Opelka’s place in the tennis world and propelled him further up the rankings. Notable Achievements:

– Throughout his career, Opelka has accumulated several notable achievements, illustrating his growing stature in the world of tennis.

– In 2020, he reached the quarterfinals of the Cincinnati Masters, defeating some of the world’s top-ranked players along the way. – Opelka has also represented the United States in the Davis Cup, showcasing his patriotism and commitment to his country.

– With his powerful serves, Opelka has set several records for the fastest serve in tennis, demonstrating his unique talent and skill on the court. Conclusion:

Reilly Opelka’s rise in the world of professional tennis has been nothing short of remarkable.

From his early days as a promising junior player to his recent successes on the ATP Tour, Opelka’s journey is a testament to his dedication, perseverance, and unwavering passion for the sport. As he continues to hone his skills and compete against the world’s best players, there is no doubt that Reilly Opelka has a bright future ahead of him in the world of tennis.


Reilly Opelka’s journey in the world of tennis is undeniably fascinating, but there are also some intriguing tidbits about his life that may surprise you. Here are some trivia facts about this rising star:


Height Advantage:

One of the most striking aspects of Opelka’s physicality is his towering height. Standing at an impressive 6 feet 11 inches (211 cm), he is one of the tallest players on the professional tennis circuit.

His height gives him a significant advantage, especially when it comes to his dominant serves, as he can generate incredible power from his long limbs. 2.

Powerful Serves:

Speaking of serves, Opelka is renowned for his exceptional serving abilities. In fact, he holds the record for the fastest serve in the ATP Tour’s recorded history.

During the 2020 Delray Beach Open, Opelka unleashed a serve that reached a blistering speed of 157 miles per hour (253 km/h). This achievement not only emphasizes his innate talent but also reinforces his status as one of the most formidable servers in the game.

3. A Love for Basketball:

While tennis may be Opelka’s main passion now, his athletic journey began with a love for basketball.

Growing up, he idolized NBA players like Shaquille O’Neal and Kevin Durant. Opelka’s father, George, who also played basketball, introduced him to the sport at an early age.

Although Opelka eventually chose tennis, his basketball background undoubtedly influenced his physicality and dedication to fitness. 4.

Nickname: Big O:

Given his imposing stature, it’s no surprise that Opelka has acquired a fitting nickname. On the tennis circuit, he is often referred to as “Big O.” This nickname not only acknowledges his considerable height but also speaks to his dominance and impact on the court.

Family Life

Behind every successful athlete is a strong support system, and Reilly Opelka’s family plays an integral role in his journey. Here’s a closer look at his family life:


Sporting Background:

Opelka comes from a family with a deep love for athletics. His father, George Opelka, played university basketball at the University of Pittsburgh, and his mother, Lynne Opelka, was a standout volleyball player in her own right.

Growing up in a household that valued sports, Opelka was introduced to a variety of athletic activities from an early age. 2.

Sibling Bond:

Having a sibling can often shape one’s upbringing, and Opelka is no exception. He has a younger brother named Brenden, who also plays tennis and is following in his footsteps.

The Opelka brothers have a close bond, supporting each other’s ambitions and challenging one another on the court. Together, they strive to push the boundaries and achieve greatness in their tennis careers.

3. Supportive Parents:

Opelka’s parents have been pillars of support throughout his journey in tennis.

From enrolling him in tennis lessons as a child to traveling with him to tournaments, George and Lynne Opelka have played an active role in their son’s career. They have cheered him on from the sidelines, provided guidance during challenging times, and celebrated his victories.

Their unwavering belief in Opelka’s potential has undoubtedly contributed to his success. 4.

Team Opelka:

Behind every successful tennis player is a dedicated team, and Opelka’s family is an integral part of that team. They work alongside his coaches, trainers, and other professionals to ensure he has the resources and support necessary to thrive in the competitive world of professional tennis.

The Opelka family’s collective effort and unity have created a strong foundation for Reilly’s accomplishments. In conclusion, Reilly Opelka’s life and career are not only defined by his exceptional tennis skills, but also by the unique aspects that make him who he is.

From his towering height and powerful serves to his love for basketball and solid family support, Opelka continues to captivate tennis enthusiasts around the world. As he continues to forge his path in the tennis world, we can expect to witness more remarkable achievements and exciting moments from this gifted athlete.

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