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Portia Woodman’s Birthday, Family, Bio

Portia Woodman: The Fearless Rugby Player Making HistoryPortia Woodman, born on July 12, 1991, in Auckland, New Zealand, is a name that resonates in the world of rugby. As a rugby player, she has carved out an illustrious career highlighted by numerous accolades and record-breaking achievements.

In this article, we will explore the life and career of Portia Woodman, delving into her journey before fame and the impact she has made in the world of rugby.

About Portia Woodman

– Childhood and Early Life:

– Portia Woodman was born and raised in Auckland, New Zealand. – She comes from a family with a rich sporting background, as her father, Kawhena Woodman, was also a rugby player, and her mother, Julie Woodman, was a rugby referee.

– From an early age, Woodman displayed a natural athleticism and a passion for sports. – Rise to Prominence:

– Woodman’s journey in rugby began at the age of 15 when she made her debut for New Zealand’s national women’s team, the Black Ferns.

– Her speed, agility, and exceptional ball-handling skills quickly caught the attention of coaches and fans alike. – Woodman’s breakthrough moment came in the 2013 Rugby World Cup Sevens, where she showcased her talent and played a pivotal role in helping New Zealand secure the championship.

– Record-Breaking Achievements:

– Woodman holds the honor of being the highest try-scorer in a single season of the World Rugby Sevens Series, with a staggering 44 tries in the 2015-2016 season. – She was the top try-scorer in the 2017 Women’s Rugby World Cup, leaving a lasting impact on the tournament.

– Woodman’s unparalleled skills and sheer determination have made her an integral part of the New Zealand rugby team’s success.

Before Fame

– College Career:

– Woodman attended Massey High School in Auckland, where she played a variety of sports, including netball, touch rugby, and rugby union. – Her talent and dedication led to a scholarship at the prestigious Auckland University of Technology.

– During her time in college, Woodman continued to hone her rugby skills, training rigorously and pushing herself to new heights. – Overcoming Challenges:

– Like any successful athlete, Woodman faced her fair share of challenges.

– Injuries, setbacks, and moments of self-doubt tested her resilience, but she never let them define her. – Woodman credits her strong support system, including her family and teammates, for helping her through tough times and motivating her to keep pushing forward.

– Impact on Women’s Rugby:

– Woodman’s achievements extend far beyond individual records and championships. – As a trailblazer in women’s rugby, she has inspired countless young girls and boys to pick up a rugby ball and dream big.

– Woodman’s success has helped raise the profile of women’s rugby at the global stage, paving the way for future generations of female athletes. – Personal Life:

– Beyond the rugby field, Woodman is known for her warm and friendly personality.

– She often uses her platform to advocate for equality and women’s rights in sports. – Woodman is also a doting aunt, cherishing the time she spends with her nieces and nephews.


Portia Woodman’s journey from humble beginnings to international rugby stardom is nothing short of remarkable. Her unwavering dedication, exceptional skill set, and relentless pursuit of excellence have made her one of the most respected and admired figures in the world of rugby.

As she continues to break barriers and inspire others, there is no doubt that Portia Woodman’s legacy will endure for generations to come.


Portia Woodman’s prowess on the rugby field has made her a household name, but there are a few interesting pieces of trivia that add depth to her remarkable story. Let’s delve into some lesser-known facts about this extraordinary athlete.

– Sporting Family Legacy:

Portia Woodman comes from a family with a rich sporting background. Her father, Kawhena Woodman, was a rugby league player for New Zealand, and her mother, Julie Woodman, was a rugby referee.

Growing up in a household where sports were celebrated and embraced, it’s no wonder that Woodman developed a deep passion for athletics from an early age. – Multi-Talented Athlete:

While rugby is the sport that has brought Portia Woodman international fame, it is not the only sport she excels in.

Before committing to rugby, Woodman was also a talented netball and touch rugby player. Her athleticism and adaptability have undoubtedly contributed to her success on the rugby field, where she seamlessly integrates skills and techniques from different sports.

– Signature Move:

One of the trademarks of Portia Woodman’s playing style is her unique sidestep maneuver. With lightning-fast footwork and precision, Woodman has left numerous defenders in her wake, effortlessly sidestepping and evading tackles.

It has become a signature move of hers and has become a highlight reel for fans and aspiring players alike. – Role Model Off the Field:

Portia Woodman not only excels as an athlete but is also a role model off the field.

She is an advocate for equality and women’s rights in sports, using her platform to amplify important social issues. Woodman also actively engages with her fans and supporters, showing her appreciation for their unwavering support and regularly sharing messages of encouragement and empowerment.

– Cultural Connections:

As a proud Maori woman, Woodman’s heritage and culture play an integral role in her life. She embraces her identity and often incorporates Maori elements into her game, such as a haka before matches.

Woodman’s connection to her culture is not only a source of pride but also a reminder of the importance of representation and diversity in sports.

Family Life

Behind every successful athlete is a support system that plays a crucial role in their journey. For Portia Woodman, family has been a constant source of love, encouragement, and inspiration.

Let’s take a closer look at Woodman’s family life and the impact they have had on her career. – Close-Knit Family Bonds:

Portia Woodman was raised in a close-knit family and shares a deep bond with her parents, Kawhena and Julie Woodman, and her siblings.

Growing up, her parents instilled values of hard work, perseverance, and integrity, which have guided her throughout her rugby career. Woodman often speaks fondly of her family, praising their unwavering support and acknowledging their role in her success.

– Sibling Rivalry:

As the youngest of six siblings, Woodman experienced a healthy dose of sibling rivalry growing up. With older brothers and sisters who were all accomplished athletes in their own right, she was constantly pushed to excel and improve.

This competitive environment undoubtedly contributed to Woodman’s drive and determination to become the best rugby player she could be. – Nurturing Roles:

Portia Woodman’s parents played significant roles in nurturing her rugby talent and providing her with opportunities to excel.

Her father, Kawhena, served as her first rugby coach, imparting valuable skills and knowledge. Meanwhile, her mother, Julie, supported her from the sidelines as a rugby referee herself, attending countless matches and providing a constant source of encouragement.

– Auntie Portia:

Off the rugby field, Woodman embraces her role as an aunt to her nieces and nephews. Despite her demanding rugby schedule, she cherishes the precious time she spends with them, creating lasting memories and imparting her love for sports.

Woodman serves as a role model for her young relatives, showing them that with passion and dedication, they can achieve their goals. – A Supportive Network:

Beyond her immediate family, Portia Woodman’s extended family and friends have played a pivotal role in her journey.

Their unwavering support, whether through attending matches, offering words of encouragement, or helping to navigate the challenges that come with being a professional athlete, have been instrumental in Woodman’s success. Portia Woodman’s family has been the backbone of her career, providing the love, support, and inspiration she needed to overcome challenges and achieve greatness.

Their influence can be seen in every match she plays and every milestone she achieves. As Woodman continues to make history on the rugby field, her family will undoubtedly be there, cheering her on every step of the way.

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