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Peggy Shippen: An Intriguing Family Member from Pennsylvania

In the captivating history of Pennsylvania, many remarkable individuals have left their mark. One such person is Peggy Shippen, a renowned family member born on June 11, 1760.

This article delves into Peggy Shippen’s life, focusing on two main topics: an introduction to the fascinating character she was and a glimpse into her life before she gained fame. Let’s unveil the intriguing story of Peggy Shippen!


– Early Life

– Peggy Shippen was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where she was raised by a wealthy and influential family. – Her parents, Edward Shippen IV and Margaret Francis, provided her with an education fitting for a woman of her social status.

– Peggy was known for her intelligence, grace, and beauty, which contributed to her popularity among Philadelphia’s elite society. – Marriage to Benedict Arnold

– At the tender age of 18, Peggy caught the eye of Benedict Arnold, a military officer known for his exceptional skills and controversial reputation.

– The two married in 1779, creating a whirlwind of intrigue and scandal. – Many questioned Peggy’s loyalty due to her family’s ties to the British, while others praised her for her unwavering support for her husband.

– Spying Accusations

– In 1780, Peggy’s husband, Benedict Arnold, defected to the British Army, causing a significant uproar in American society. – Peggy came under scrutiny as rumors circulated about her involvement in Arnold’s treasonous activities.

– Although there was no concrete evidence to support these claims, Peggy’s association with her husband tarnished her reputation and subjected her to suspicion.

Before Fame

– Social Standing

– Growing up in a prominent family, Peggy Shippen was well-acquainted with the social nuances of Philadelphia’s high society. – She regularly attended lavish parties and events, mingling with influential figures of the time.

– Her refined upbringing allowed her to navigate the complex social landscape with ease, making her a sought-after companion. – Courtship with John Andr

– Before marrying Benedict Arnold, Peggy Shippen had a brief but meaningful courtship with John Andr, a British Army officer.

– It is reported that Andr’s wit and charm captivated young Peggy, sparking a connection that would have long-lasting consequences. – Andr’s subsequent involvement in the notorious Arnold treason plot caused further speculation about Peggy’s true motives.

– Support for the Patriot Cause

– While many questioned Peggy’s loyalty, it is essential to note that her family had strong ties to the revolutionary cause. – Peggy’s father, Edward Shippen IV, served as a judge in the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, actively supporting American independence.

– Peggy might have had conflicting loyalties due to her family’s allegiance and her marriage to a man on the opposing side. – Role in Intelligence Gathering

– Although no concrete evidence exists regarding Peggy’s involvement in intelligence gathering, some historians speculate she played a significant role.

– Her connections and relationships with influential figures made her a valuable asset for acquiring crucial information. – Whether it was intentional or unintentional, Peggy’s impact on the American Revolution remains a subject of debate among scholars.

Peggy Shippen’s life before fame is a captivating tale of privilege, love, and suspicion. Her ability to navigate society’s complexities, coupled with her family’s diverse loyalties, adds depth to her character.

The next time you delve into Pennsylvania’s rich history, remember the enigma that was Peggy Shippen, a woman who straddled the line between loyalty and suspicion during one of history’s most tumultuous periods.


– Social Influencer

– Peggy Shippen was not only admired for her beauty and intelligence but also for her impeccable fashion sense. – Her exquisite taste in clothing made her a trendsetter among Philadelphia’s elite, and many women sought to imitate her style.

– Peggy’s fashion choices often included intricately embroidered gowns, fashionable hats, and delicate accessories, making her a true fashion icon of her time. – Artistic Talent

– Apart from her social prowess, Peggy had a talent for painting and drawing.

– She developed her artistic skills under the tutelage of renowned Pennsylvania painter Benjamin West. – Peggy’s paintings showcased her artistic ability and revealed her keen eye for capturing details and emotions.

– Friendship with Elizabeth Graeme Fergusson

– Peggy Shippen had a close friendship with Elizabeth Graeme Fergusson, a prominent poet and playwright in colonial Philadelphia. – Both women shared a love for literature and intellectual discussions, often engaging in philosophical debates and literary analysis.

– Their friendship provided Peggy with an outlet for her intellectual pursuits and a deep appreciation for the arts.

Family Life

– Children

– Peggy Shippen and Benedict Arnold had five children together. – Their first child, Edward Shippen Arnold, was born in 1780, shortly after Benedict’s defection.

– Despite the turbulence surrounding their marriage, Peggy remained devoted to her children and gave them the best upbringing possible. – Life in Exile

– After Benedict Arnold’s treason, the couple fled to British-held territory in New York.

– Life in exile was challenging for Peggy, who had to adapt to a new environment while simultaneously dealing with the repercussions of her husband’s actions. – Despite these difficulties, Peggy maintained a resilient spirit and remained a pillar of support for her family.

– Return to Philadelphia

– Following the conclusion of the Revolutionary War, Peggy and Benedict returned to Philadelphia, hoping to rebuild their lives. – However, their return was met with hostility and disdain from the community.

– Peggy struggled to reintegrate into society, facing constant scrutiny and judgment due to her past associations. – Widowhood and Financial Struggles

– After Benedict Arnold’s death in 1801, Peggy faced financial difficulties that forced her to rely on the support of family and friends.

– She remained resilient and resourceful, taking on various ventures to secure her financial stability. – Despite the challenges she faced, Peggy demonstrated unwavering determination to provide for her children and maintain her independence.

– Later Life and Legacy

– Peggy Shippen lived until the age of 73, passing away on August 24, 1804. – Her legacy is one of complexity and mystery, leaving historians and scholars fascinated by her role in American history.

– While Peggy’s association with Benedict Arnold will forever be a part of her story, it is essential to recognize her individuality and the impact she had during a pivotal time in American history. Peggy Shippen’s life was more than just a footnote in the larger story of the American Revolution.

Her influence on fashion, her artistic talents, and her deep friendships all contributed to the multi-faceted woman she became. Additionally, her family life, marked by both joy and hardship, shaped her resilience and determination to overcome adversity.

As we reflect on Peggy Shippen’s legacy, it is vital to remember her as an intricate figure who defied societal expectations and navigated the complexities of her time with grace and strength.

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