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Paul Mitchell: A Stylist Extraordinaire

When it comes to iconic hairstylists, few names command the same reverence as Paul Mitchell. Born on January 27, 1936, in Scotland, Paul Mitchell revolutionized the world of hairdressing, leaving an indelible mark on the industry.

His innovative techniques, combined with his relentless pursuit of excellence, have made him a true visionary in the field. Before rising to fame, Paul Mitchell led a fascinating life filled with determination and audacity.

Let’s delve into the life of this extraordinary hair maestro and uncover the story behind his success. Before Fame: A Journey to Greatness

Born under the zodiac sign of Aquarius, Paul Mitchell possessed the natural creativity and inventiveness that would later define his career.

As a young boy, he showed a keen interest in hairstyling and would often experiment with different looks on his siblings and friends. This early passion set the stage for his future achievements.

At the age of 16, Mitchell began his formal training at a prestigious hair academy in London. Under the tutelage of renowned stylists, he honed his skills and quickly gained recognition for his exceptional talent.

His insatiable thirst for knowledge led him to explore various cutting-edge techniques, including the revolutionary Vidal Sassoon approach. In the early 1950s, Mitchell’s career took a significant turn when he moved to the United States.

Armed with his passion and determination, he set off to make a name for himself in the bustling hairdressing industry of Los Angeles. It was there that he met his lifelong collaborator and friend, John Paul DeJoria, and together, they would go on to create a haircare empire.

The Birth of an Iconic Brand

In 1980, Mitchell and DeJoria founded the Paul Mitchell brand, a line of hair products that catered to both professionals and consumers. Their commitment to quality, coupled with a strong focus on eco-friendly practices, set them apart from their competitors.

Mitchell’s innovative approach to hairstyling also played a pivotal role in the brand’s success. He introduced techniques such as precision cutting, blending, and texture control, revolutionizing the way hair is styled and cared for.

These groundbreaking methods not only earned him accolades from his peers but also transformed the entire industry.

Contributions to Education

Apart from his role as a hairstylist and entrepreneur, Mitchell was also deeply committed to education. He understood the importance of passing down his knowledge and expertise to the next generation.

In 1988, he established the Paul Mitchell School, a network of educational institutions that provide aspiring hairstylists with the necessary skills to succeed in the industry. The Paul Mitchell School focuses not only on technical training but also on nurturing creativity and individuality.

By encouraging students to explore their own unique style, Mitchell aimed to empower them to become confident and successful professionals.

A Legacy that Lives On

Paul Mitchell’s contributions to the world of hairstyling were nothing short of extraordinary. Through his innovation, dedication, and unwavering passion, he left an indelible mark on the industry.

His legacy lives on through the Paul Mitchell brand and the countless stylists who continue to be inspired by his work. Today, Paul Mitchell’s name is synonymous with excellence and artistry in the world of hairstyling.

His progressive techniques and commitment to education have forever changed the industry, making him a true pioneer. As we celebrate his life and achievements, let us remember the man who let his creativity flow through every strand of hair he touched.

Trivias and Family Life of Paul Mitchell

Aside from his immense contributions to the hairstyling industry, there are several interesting trivia facts and aspects of Paul Mitchell’s personal life that offer further insights into the man behind the brand. Let’s delve into some fascinating trivia and learn more about his family life.

Trivia: A Glimpse Into Paul Mitchell’s World

1. Animal lover: Paul Mitchell had a deep love and appreciation for animals.

He was a strong advocate for animal rights and made sure that his company’s products were never tested on animals. In fact, Paul Mitchell was one of the first major haircare brands to adopt cruelty-free practices, setting a new standard for the industry.

2. Charitable efforts: Mitchell understood the importance of giving back to the community.

Throughout his career, he actively supported various charitable organizations, including the Children’s Miracle Network and the Andrew Gomez Dream Foundation. His philanthropic endeavors have had a lasting impact on countless individuals, making a difference in their lives.

3. The Black Beauty reference: In addition to his hairstyling prowess, Paul Mitchell had a diverse range of interests.

He was an avid reader and drew inspiration from literature. One interesting trivia is that Mitchell named his renowned black hair dye after the classic novel “Black Beauty” by Anna Sewell.

This unique homage highlights his appreciation for art in all its forms. 4.

The Paul Mitchell Color Bar: Mitchell’s innovative spirit extended beyond hairstyling techniques and product formulas. He was a visionary in the salon experience itself, pioneering the concept of the Paul Mitchell Color Bar.

This unique feature allowed clients to watch their color mix being prepared, providing transparency and enhancing the salon experience. Family Life: A Supportive Network

While Paul Mitchell’s professional achievements are widely celebrated, his personal life and the relationships he fostered were equally important to him.

Let’s take a closer look at his family life and the people who played significant roles throughout his journey. 1.

Wife and Children: Mitchell married his wife, Winn Claybaugh, in 1971. Together, they built a strong foundation of love, support, and shared values.

Winn, a prominent figure in the beauty industry herself, played an instrumental role in Mitchell’s success. They raised two children, Angus and Michaeline Mitchell, in an environment filled with creativity and entrepreneurship.

2. DeJoria and John Paul Mitchell Systems: Beyond his immediate family, Mitchell’s partnership with John Paul DeJoria was an enduring and fruitful one.

Together, they co-founded the John Paul Mitchell Systems (JPMS), which has become one of the most successful haircare brands worldwide. The bond between Mitchell and DeJoria was founded on mutual trust, shared ambitions, and a deep friendship.

3. The Paul Mitchell School Legacy: With a profound belief in education, Mitchell’s legacy lives on in the Paul Mitchell School network.

His family has continued to honor his vision by actively participating in the management and support of these educational institutions. Each school is run by a dedicated team that carries forward Mitchell’s commitment to nurturing the next generation of hairstylists.

4. Inspiring Future Generations: Mitchell’s impact extends beyond his immediate relatives.

His teachings, techniques, and artistic approach continue to inspire hairstylists across the globe. Countless professionals credit Mitchell as their source of inspiration and recognize his contribution to their own successful careers.

Mitchell’s dedication to his family and the nurturing of meaningful relationships exemplify the values that he held dear. He believed that achieving greatness went hand-in-hand with uplifting others, and this philosophy resonates throughout his personal life.


Paul Mitchell’s life and career were marked by immense accomplishments, both in the hairstyling industry and in his personal life. From his revolutionary techniques and dedication to education to his love for animals and philanthropic efforts, Mitchell was a multifaceted individual who left an indelible mark on the world.

As we reflect on his innovative spirit and unwavering passion, we can’t help but be awestruck by the magnitude of his contributions. Paul Mitchell’s legacy will continue to inspire hairstylists, foster creativity, and transform the industry for generations to come.

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