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Lilian Al Selawi’s Birthday, Family, Bio

Lilian Al Selawi: The Rising YouTube StarHave you ever heard of Lilian Al Selawi? Despite her young age of just 10 years old, she has taken the YouTube world by storm.

Born on December 12, 2012, in Jordan, Lilian has amassed a huge following with her captivating personality and engaging content. In this article, we will delve into her journey and explore the aspects of her life before she rose to fame.

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1. Lilian Al Selawi’s Early Life:

– Lilian was born on December 12, 2012.

– She hails from Jordan and possesses Jordanian nationality. – Ever since a young age, Lilian showed a keen interest in performing and entertaining others.

– Her family recognized her talent and encouraged her to pursue it. 2.

Entering the YouTube Universe:

– At the tender age of 7, Lilian decided to create her YouTube channel. – She started by uploading videos of herself singing and dancing.

– Her captivating personality and natural talent quickly attracted a large following. 3.

Content and Themes:

– Lilian’s YouTube channel features a diverse range of content. – She showcases her singing and dancing skills, often covering popular songs and choreographing her own routines.

– Additionally, she regularly uploads vlogs, challenges, and funny skits, which keep her audience entertained. 4.

Channel Growth and Milestones:

– Lilian’s channel grew rapidly, and she soon became a YouTube sensation. – Her captivating content and relatable personality resonated with viewers worldwide.

– She has achieved several milestones, such as reaching thousands of subscribers and millions of views on her videos.

Before Fame

1. Lilian’s Journey to YouTube Stardom:

– Before gaining fame on YouTube, Lilian participated in local talent shows and events.

– She showcased her singing and dancing skills, which helped develop her confidence and performance abilities. – These experiences prepared her for the spotlight and laid the foundation for her success.

2. Influence of Friends and Family:

– Lilian’s friends and family played a crucial role in her journey to YouTube stardom.

– They encouraged her to pursue her passion and supported her every step of the way. – Lilian’s parents played an active role in managing her YouTube channel, ensuring her safety and guiding her decisions.

3. Balancing YouTube and School:

– Despite her busy YouTube schedule, Lilian prioritizes her education.

– She attends school like any other child her age and maintains a healthy balance between her studies and YouTube commitments. – Lilian’s dedication to education reflects her responsible and well-rounded personality.

4. Inspiring Others:

– Lilian’s success on YouTube has inspired countless individuals, both young and old.

– Her journey serves as a testament to the power of pursuing one’s passions and following one’s dreams. – She has become a role model for many aspiring young content creators.


In conclusion, Lilian Al Selawi’s rise to YouTube stardom at the age of 7 is a testament to her talent, dedication, and the support of her family and friends. Her diverse content, from singing and dancing to vlogs and skits, has captured the hearts of viewers worldwide.

Despite her young age, Lilian continues to inspire and entertain, leaving a lasting impact on the YouTube community. Keep an eye on this young prodigy, as she is sure to achieve even greater heights in the future.


1. Channel Name and Inspiration:

– Lilian’s YouTube channel is named “LilianTube.”

– She chose this name because it represents both her identity and her passion for creating content.

– Lilian’s love for YouTube inspired her to create her own space on the platform, where she could share her talent and connect with her audience. 2.

Social Media Influences:

– Lilian is an avid user of social media platforms such as Instagram and TikTok. – She often shares behind-the-scenes glimpses of her life and upcoming projects.

– Through these platforms, Lilian interacts with her fans, known as “Lilitys,” and keeps them updated on her latest endeavors. 3.


– Lilian believes in the power of collaboration and has teamed up with various YouTubers, both within her age group and older. – These collaborative videos introduce her to new audiences and provide exciting content for her subscribers.

– By collaborating with others, Lilian continues to expand her reach and network within the YouTube community. 4.

Favorite YouTube Stars:

– Like many aspiring YouTubers, Lilian looks up to and admires established personalities on the platform. – She cites JoJo Siwa and Baby Ariel as her role models, as they have successfully navigated the world of social media and built a strong brand for themselves.

– Lilian draws inspiration from their creativity, authenticity, and unwavering determination.

Family Life

1. Supportive Parents:

– Lilian is fortunate to have parents who not only recognize her talent but also actively support her dreams.

– They provide guidance, manage her YouTube channel, and prioritize her well-being. – Lilian’s parents play an integral role in ensuring she strikes a healthy balance between her online career and personal life.

2. Sibling Bonds:

– Lilian has a close relationship with her siblings, who also feature in some of her YouTube videos.

– They often collaborate on challenges, skits, and funny videos, showing their playful and loving dynamic. – Lilian’s siblings play a significant role in her content creation and add an extra layer of entertainment for her audience.

3. Balancing Family and Fame:

– Despite her growing fame on YouTube, Lilian remains grounded and places importance on her family values.

– She ensures that family time is a priority, dedicating moments for bonding and cherishing the support she receives from her loved ones. – Lilian’s family provides a strong foundation for her success and allows her to pursue her passions with a sense of security.

4. Parental Guidance and Safety:

– Given the potential risks associated with being an online personality, Lilian’s parents take utmost care to protect her.

– They monitor her online interactions, ensure the content she creates is age-appropriate, and stay up to date with the latest safety measures. – Lilian’s parents prioritize her safety above all else, ensuring her well-being in the digital sphere.

5. Educational Value:

– Lilian’s parents understand the importance of education and encourage her to excel academically.

– Despite her YouTube commitments, Lilian maintains a disciplined approach to her studies, demonstrating a determination to succeed both online and in the classroom. – Education remains a key aspect of Lilian’s upbringing, alongside her online career.

Incorporating these additional sections expands the article to provide a comprehensive understanding of Lilian Al Selawi’s life and journey. From intriguing trivia about her channel to the strong influence of family, these details give readers a more well-rounded picture of the young YouTube star.

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