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Lara Spencer: The Talented Journalist from Long IslandLara Spencer, born on June 19, 1969, in Long Island, NY, is a renowned journalist who has made a significant impact in the media industry. With her charming personality and incredible reporting skills, she has become a household name for many.

In this article, we will delve into the life and career of Lara Spencer, exploring her journey from being a young girl in Long Island to her rise as a respected journalist. So, let’s embark on this fascinating journey and learn more about this talented individual.


Lara Spencer, a Gemini by birth sign, hails from Long Island, NY, and has played a profound role in the world of journalism. From a young age, she displayed an innate passion for storytelling and a remarkable ability to connect with people.

Her captivating presence has made her interviews unforgettable and her reporting style admired by many. 1.

Early Life:

Growing up in Long Island, Lara Spencer discovered her love for journalism at an early age. As a child, she would often play “news anchor” with her family and friends, showcasing her natural talent for communication.

This early exposure ignited her passion for storytelling and set her on a path towards a fulfilling career. 2.


Lara Spencer pursued her education at Pennsylvania State University, where she studied journalism. During her time at college, she honed her skills in news reporting and journalism ethics.

Her determination and hard work laid a strong foundation for her future success in the field. 3.

Rise to Prominence:

After completing her education, Lara Spencer began her professional journey as a journalist. She started working for various news outlets, gaining experience and building her reputation.

Her dedication and talent opened doors for her and eventually led her to major networks like ABC and Good Morning America.

Before Fame

Before achieving fame, Lara Spencer faced challenges and worked hard to prove herself in the competitive world of journalism. Her perseverance and determination are evident in her incredible journey.

1. Early Career:

Lara Spencer began her career in journalism at News 12 Long Island, a local news channel.

This experience allowed her to sharpen her skills as a reporter and build a strong rapport with the community. Through her hard work and dedication, she became a trusted source of news for the people of Long Island.

2. Entertainment Reporting:

Due to her dynamic personality and charisma, Lara Spencer excelled in entertainment reporting.

She joined the popular show “Entertainment Tonight,” where she showcased her interviewing skills and provided insightful commentary on the latest happenings in the entertainment industry. Her ability to connect with celebrities and deliver engaging stories contributed to her growing popularity among viewers.

3. Good Morning America:

Lara Spencer’s true breakthrough came when she joined the highly esteemed morning show, Good Morning America (GMA).

As one of the show’s co-anchors, she became a household name, captivating audiences with her infectious energy and unparalleled reporting skills. Her segments, including “Deals and Steals,” became incredibly popular, solidifying her position as a respected journalist.


Lara Spencer’s journey from Long Island to becoming a prominent journalist is a testament to her hard work, talent, and determination. From her early days playing “news anchor” to her rise to fame on Good Morning America, Lara Spencer has proven herself to be a versatile and exceptional journalist.

Her ability to connect with people and deliver captivating stories has made her a beloved figure in the media industry. As we continue to witness her outstanding work, we can only anticipate more remarkable achievements from this extraordinary journalist.


Aside from her successful career in journalism, Lara Spencer has a number of interesting trivia facts that fans might not be aware of. Let’s take a closer look at some of these intriguing aspects of her life.

1. Love for Flea Markets:

One of Lara Spencer’s lesser-known passions is her love for flea markets.

In addition to her journalistic pursuits, she is also an avid collector and enthusiast of vintage and antique items. This love for unique pieces led her to host her own show, “Flea Market Flip,” where she showcases her eye for spotting treasures and transforming them into valuable pieces.

This engaging series has further highlighted her expertise beyond the field of journalism. 2.

Book Author:

Lara Spencer is not only talented in front of the camera but also behind the scenes as an author. She has written and published two books: “I Brake for Yard Sales” and “Flea Market Fabulous: Designing Gorgeous Rooms with Vintage Treasures.” In these books, she shares her knowledge and tips on finding and incorporating vintage pieces into home decor.

Her expertise and passion in this realm have resonated with readers worldwide. 3.


Another notable aspect of Lara Spencer’s life is her dedication to philanthropy. She actively supports numerous charitable causes, including children’s organizations and animal rights.

Her involvement in these endeavors demonstrates her commitment to making a positive impact beyond her professional career, and her ability to use her platform to bring attention to important social issues. 4.

Passion for Fitness:

Lara Spencer is a fitness enthusiast and understands the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. She frequently participates in physical activities such as running, Pilates, and yoga.

Her commitment to fitness not only benefits her personal well-being but also serves as an inspiration to her audience.

Family Life

Lara Spencer’s career and personal life intertwine seamlessly, and her family has played a significant role in shaping her journey. Let’s explore the important relationships and milestones in her family life.

1. Marital Life:

Lara Spencer was previously married to David Haffenreffer, a former CNN journalist.

The couple tied the knot in 2000 and were blessed with two children, son Duff and daughter Katharine. However, after 15 years of marriage, they decided to end their relationship and divorced in 2015.

The couple has remained amicable for the sake of their children. 2.

Role as a Mother:

In addition to her successful career, Lara Spencer takes pride in her role as a mother to her two children. Despite her busy schedule, she prioritizes spending quality time with them and engaging in various activities together.

Her dedication to balancing work and family creates a strong support system for her children and reinforces the importance of familial bonds. 3.


After her divorce, Lara Spencer found love again and tied the knot with Rick McVey, a tech entrepreneur, in 2018. The couple’s marriage showcased a new chapter in her personal life, and they have since been seen as a happy and loving couple, supporting each other in their respective endeavors.

4. Blended Family:

Lara Spencer’s remarriage brought about a blended family dynamic.

With her two children from her previous marriage and Rick McVey’s three children, Lara has embraced her role as a stepmother and worked towards creating a harmonious and loving family unit. This blending of families has allowed her to experience the joys and challenges that come with a larger family structure.

In conclusion, while Lara Spencer’s professional achievements are commendable, it is equally fascinating to delve into the various aspects of her personal life. Her love for flea markets, philanthropy, dedication to fitness, and involvement in both her nuclear and blended families exemplify the well-rounded individual that she is.

Lara Spencer is not just a journalist but also an author, collector, and advocate for the causes she believes in. Her ability to balance her personal and professional life serves as an inspiration to many, proving that success can be achieved in all aspects of life with passion, determination, and love.

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