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Kyle Turris’s Birthday, Family, Bio

Kyle Turris: A Canadian Hockey StarWhen it comes to the world of ice hockey, certain names are synonymous with skill, dedication, and a passion for the game. One such name is Kyle Turris.

Born on August 14, 1989, in New Westminster, Canada, Turris has made quite a mark in the sport. This article will delve into the life and accomplishments of this extraordinary athlete, from his humble beginnings to his rise as a prominent figure in the hockey world.


1) Early Life and Family Background

– Turris was born and raised in New Westminster, a city located in British Columbia, Canada. – He comes from a family with a deep love for hockey, with both his father and older brother being avid players.

– His father often took him to local rinks to watch games, sparking his passion for the sport from a young age.

2) Rise in the Sport

– Turris began playing hockey at a tender age and quickly stood out for his natural talent and dedication. – He joined youth leagues and excelled in various positions, displaying versatility and adaptability on the ice.

– His skills caught the attention of scouts, and he was eventually drafted by the Burnaby Winter Club Bruins.

3) College Career

– Turris attended the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where he played for the Badgers’ hockey team. – During his freshman year, he led the team in scoring and was one of the top rookies in the league.

– Turris gained recognition for his exceptional playmaking abilities, speed, and hockey IQ.

4) Professional Career

– In 2007, Turris made the leap to the National Hockey League (NHL) when he was drafted by the Phoenix Coyotes as the third overall pick. – He quickly made an impact, showcasing his skills as a center and becoming a key component of the Coyotes’ offense.

– Turris went on to play for several teams throughout his career, including the Ottawa Senators and the Nashville Predators.

Before Fame

1) Early Hockey Years

– Turris began playing ice hockey at the tender age of four, inspired by his father’s love for the sport. – He would spend countless hours practicing his stickhandling, shooting, and skating skills, always striving to improve.

– Turris’ dedication paid off when he joined his first organized team at six years old.

2) Junior Career

– As a junior player, Turris played for the Burnaby Winter Club Bruins, where he honed his skills and gained valuable experience. – He quickly became a standout player, impressing with his vision on the ice and ability to make crucial plays.

– Turris’ performances caught the attention of various junior clubs, and he eventually joined the British Columbia Hockey League’s Burnaby Express.

3) International Success

– Turris had the privilege of representing his country on numerous occasions, showcasing his talents on the international stage. – He played for Team Canada in several World Junior Championships, helping them secure gold medals in 2008 and 2009.

– Turris’ stellar performances earned him recognition as one of the top prospects in Canadian hockey.

4) Collegiate Accomplishments

– Turris made a lasting impact during his collegiate career at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. – In his freshman year, he led the team in scoring with 35 points, solidifying his reputation as a dynamic offensive player.

– Turris received several accolades, including being named to the WCHA All-Rookie Team and earning the WCHA Rookie of the Year award. Conclusion:

Kyle Turris’s journey from a young boy with a love for hockey to a prominent figure in the sport is nothing short of inspiring.

His dedication, skill, and passion for the game have propelled him to great heights. From humble beginnings in New Westminster, Canada, to playing in the NHL and representing his country on the international stage, Turris has left an indelible mark on the world of ice hockey.

As the years go by, his legacy as a talented and respected athlete will undoubtedly continue to grow.


1) Records and Milestones

– Kyle Turris has achieved several notable records and milestones throughout his hockey career. – In 2006, he became the highest-scoring rookie in the history of the British Columbia Hockey League, with an impressive 121 points in a single season.

– Turris also holds the record for the fastest goal to start a season in Arizona Coyotes history, scoring just 19 seconds into the first game of the 2015-2016 season. – He reached the milestone of 500 career NHL games during the 2019-2020 season.

2) International Success

– Turris’ success extends beyond the world of professional hockey. He has also represented Canada on the international stage and has achieved significant accomplishments.

– In addition to his gold medal-winning performances at the World Junior Championships, Turris has also competed in the IIHF World Championships. – He helped Team Canada secure a gold medal in the 2017 tournament, contributing with seven points in 10 games.

– Turris has consistently demonstrated his ability to perform at the highest level on a global scale.

3) Community Involvement

– Outside of his hockey career, Turris is known for his involvement in the community and his dedication to making a positive impact. – He actively supports charitable initiatives and has participated in various fundraisers and events.

– Turris has worked with organizations such as the Make-A-Wish Foundation and Ronald McDonald House, using his platform to bring joy to those in need. – His commitment to giving back showcases his character both on and off the ice.

Family Life

1) Early Family Influence

– Kyle Turris was fortunate to grow up in a family that not only supported his hockey dreams but also provided guidance and inspiration. – His father, Bruce Turris, played a pivotal role in nurturing Kyle’s love for the sport, often taking him to games and practices.

– Turris’ older brother, Ethan Turris, also played hockey, serving as a role model and source of motivation.

2) Marriage and Children

– In 2013, Turris married his longtime girlfriend, Julie. – Together, they have three children, two sons and a daughter, further adding to Turris’ joy outside of hockey.

– Despite the demands of his professional career, Turris prioritizes spending quality time with his family and cherishing precious moments.

3) Charitable Initiatives as a Family

– Turris’ commitment to giving back to the community extends to his family, as they often participate in charitable initiatives together. – They join forces to support various causes, including children’s hospitals and organizations that promote inclusivity in sports.

– Turris believes that involving his family in philanthropy helps instill important values in his children and teaches them the importance of making a difference.

4) Balancing Career and Family Life

– Professional athletes often face challenges when it comes to balancing their careers and personal lives. Turris is no exception.

– Despite the demands of training, games, and travel, he prioritizes being present for his family. – Turris makes a conscious effort to create a balance between his professional aspirations and his role as a husband and father, ensuring that he is there for his loved ones during important milestones and everyday moments.


In addition to his on-ice achievements, Kyle Turris has made a lasting impact in various aspects of his life. From his incredible records and international success to his dedication to both his community and family, Turris exemplifies the qualities of a well-rounded and admirable individual.

His passion for hockey is matched only by his commitment to giving back and being present for his loved ones. Whether he is setting records, representing his country, or making a difference in the lives of others, Turris continues to leave a lasting impression both on and off the ice.

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