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Kim Woodburn’s Birthday, Family, Bio

Kim Woodburn: TV Show Host and Household ExpertKim Woodburn, a renowned TV show host and household expert, is beloved by audiences around the world for her no-nonsense attitude and expertise in cleaning and organizing. Born on March 25, 1942, in Hampshire, England, Woodburn has made a name for herself in the entertainment industry.

This article will delve into her life, from her upbringing to her rise to fame, highlighting her notable achievements along the way.

About Kim Woodburn

– Early life and upbringing

– Woodburn was born in Hampshire, England, during the turmoil of World War II. – Growing up, she faced many hardships and lived through difficult circumstances.

– Despite the challenges, Woodburn’s determination and strong work ethic led her to pursue a successful career. – Career beginnings

– Woodburn’s passion for cleaning and organizing was evident from an early age.

– She started as a professional cleaner, honing her skills and learning various techniques. – Woodburn’s natural talent and attention to detail quickly gained her recognition in the industry.

– Rise to fame

– In 2003, Woodburn’s life took a new turn when she appeared as a cleaning expert on the hit television show “How Clean Is Your House?”

– Her blunt and straightforward personality, coupled with her expertise, made her an instant hit with viewers. – Woodburn’s ability to transform even the most neglected spaces into pristine environments captivated audiences.

Before Fame

– Childhood experiences

– Woodburn’s childhood was marked by poverty and a lack of stability. – She was often subjected to harsh treatment and neglect, which shaped her resilience and determination.

– Early career struggles

– Before achieving fame, Woodburn faced numerous challenges in her career. – She worked odd jobs, struggled with financial instability, and endured personal setbacks.

– However, these experiences only fueled her passion for cleaning and organizing. – Turning point

– Woodburn’s life changed when she met her husband, Peter Woodburn.

– Peter supported her dreams and encouraged her to pursue her passion. – Their partnership not only strengthened their personal life but also had a profound impact on Woodburn’s career.

– Personal growth and transformation

– Woodburn’s journey to fame was not just about professional success; it was also a journey of personal growth and transformation. – She overcame adversity, developed confidence, and found her voice in the entertainment industry.


Kim Woodburn’s life story serves as inspiration for many individuals. Despite her challenging upbringing, Woodburn persevered, using her talents and passion to carve out a successful career.

Her expertise in cleaning and organizing has made her a household name, admired by audiences worldwide. Woodburn’s journey reminds us that with determination and hard work, we can overcome any obstacle and achieve our dreams.


– Unique cleaning methods

– Throughout her career, Kim Woodburn has become known for her unique and effective cleaning methods. – She often incorporates everyday household items, such as vinegar and baking soda, into her cleaning routines.

– Woodburn believes in using natural and eco-friendly products whenever possible, making her strategies not only effective but also environmentally conscious. – Memorable catchphrases

– Woodburn’s straight-talking nature has resulted in the creation of memorable catchphrases that have become synonymous with her brand.

– One of her most famous catchphrases is “Put some elbow grease into it!” which encourages individuals to put in the necessary effort when cleaning. – Another favorite catchphrase is “Don’t mop with a dirty mop!” reminding people to use clean tools for effective results.

– Books and additional ventures

– In addition to her television appearances, Kim Woodburn has authored several books on cleaning and household organization. – Her books, including “101 Woodburn Way” and “Kim Woodburn’s Cleaning Bible,” have become popular resources for individuals seeking guidance in maintaining a tidy home.

– Woodburn has also embarked on various ventures, such as releasing her own line of cleaning products and appearing as a guest speaker at home improvement and lifestyle events.

Family Life

– Marriage and partnership with Peter Woodburn

– Kim Woodburn’s personal life found stability when she married Peter Woodburn. – Peter, a former policeman and now her manager, has been a pillar of support throughout Woodburn’s career.

– Their partnership extends beyond the professional realm, as they have built a loving and enduring relationship that has withstood the test of time. – Children and grandchildren

– Woodburn and Peter have two children, a son named Matthew and a daughter named Helen.

– Both of their children have pursued their own successful careers, with Matthew working in the financial industry and Helen in the entertainment field. – Woodburn is also a proud grandmother to her grandchildren, who bring her immense joy and fulfillment in her personal life.

– Philanthropic endeavors

– Giving back to the community has always been important to Kim Woodburn. – She has been actively involved in charitable efforts, supporting causes such as children’s welfare and animal rights.

– Woodburn’s fame has allowed her to use her platform to raise awareness and make a positive impact on various organizations and initiatives. – Balancing family and career

– Despite the demands of her career, Woodburn has always prioritized her family.

– She has successfully managed to strike a balance between her public persona and her personal life, ensuring that she has quality time with her loved ones. – Woodburn’s devotion to her family serves as a reminder that success should not come at the expense of meaningful relationships.

In conclusion, Kim Woodburn’s success as a TV show host and household expert is intertwined with her personal life and unique approach to cleaning and organization. Her memorable catchphrases and innovative cleaning methods have made her a popular figure in the industry, while her partnership with Peter Woodburn has provided stability and support throughout her career.

Additionally, Woodburn’s dedication to philanthropy and her ability to balance family and professional endeavors demonstrate her well-rounded character. Kim Woodburn’s journey exemplifies how passion, hard work, and a strong support system can lead to success, both in career and personal life.

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