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John Basilone: A War Hero from Buffalo, NYIn the annals of American history, there are tales of bravery and heroism that inspire generations of people. One such story is that of John Basilone, a war hero whose indomitable spirit and selflessness in the face of danger earned him a place in the hearts of the American people.

Born on November 4, 1916, in Buffalo, NY, Basilone’s journey from a young man seeking adventure to a legendary figure in the United States Marine Corps is awe-inspiring. This article delves into the life of John Basilone, exploring his early years and the events that led to his rise as a war hero.


1.1 Early Life and Education:

John Basilone was born and raised in Buffalo, NY, to Italian immigrants. Growing up in a humble household, Basilone experienced the struggles of a working-class family.

However, he possessed an indomitable spirit, evident from an early age. After completing his basic education, he embarked on a journey that would eventually lead him to greatness.

1.2 Journey to the Marines:

In 1934, at the age of 17, Basilone joined the United States Army. His time in the Army exposed him to the disciplined and rigorous lifestyle of a soldier, sparking a desire in him to serve his country.

Following his discharge from the Army, Basilone’s thirst for adventure led him to join the United States Marine Corps in 1939. 1.3 The Battle of Guadalcanal:

Basilone’s defining moment came during the Battle of Guadalcanal.

In September 1942, the Japanese launched an assault on the American-controlled Solomon Islands. The United States Marines were tasked with defending their positions against formidable enemy forces.

In the midst of the chaos, Basilone’s unwavering courage and exceptional leadership skills became evident. During a violent Japanese assault, Basilone spearheaded the defense of his unit, single-handedly operating multiple machine guns to fend off wave after wave of enemy soldiers.

His fearless actions not only saved numerous American lives but also inspired those around him to fight with unwavering determination. For his exceptional bravery, Basilone was awarded the Medal of Honor.

Before Fame

2.1 Training and Early Campaigns:

Before his heroic actions on Guadalcanal, Basilone underwent extensive training in the United States and deployed to various locations, including Cuba and Iceland. His proficiency in marksmanship and his ability to lead and inspire his fellow Marines quickly gained him recognition within the ranks.

2.2 Love and Marriage:

While stationed in Camp Pendleton, California, Basilone’s path crossed with that of a young woman named Lena Mae Riggi. The two fell in love and got married in July 1944, a few months before Basilone’s deployment for his second tour of duty.

2.3 The Battle of Iwo Jima:

In February 1945, Basilone found himself in the midst of another grueling battle the Battle of Iwo Jima. On the first day of the battle, he valiantly led his men against strong Japanese resistance, tirelessly providing cover fire as they advanced.

Tragically, Basilone’s life was cut short when he was mortally wounded while guiding a tank out of a treacherous minefield. His death was a great loss to the Marine Corps and the nation as a whole.


John Basilone’s extraordinary bravery and selflessness continue to inspire people to this day. His unwavering dedication to his country and his fellow Marines showcases the true spirit of heroism.

By delving into the life of this war hero from Buffalo, NY, we gain a deeper appreciation for the sacrifices made by the brave men and women who serve in the armed forces. John Basilone’s legacy serves as a reminder of the incredible strength and determination that can arise from ordinary individuals when faced with extraordinary circumstances.


3.1 Medal of Honor and Navy Cross:

John Basilone’s exceptional bravery on Guadalcanal earned him the Medal of Honor. This prestigious award is the highest military decoration awarded to members of the United States Armed Forces.

Basilone’s heroism also earned him the Navy Cross, the second-highest honor for valor in combat. His actions during the Battle of Guadalcanal truly exemplified the spirit of courage and self-sacrifice.

3.2 Hollywood Recognition:

Basilone’s heroic deeds did not go unnoticed in the world of entertainment. In 1949, his story was adapted into a film titled “The Story of G.I. Joe.” The film, starring Burgess Meredith as Basilone, served as a tribute to his bravery and the sacrifices made by the soldiers during World War II.

The movie was critically acclaimed, further cementing Basilone’s legacy as an American hero. 3.3 Namesake:

John Basilone’s name continues to be honored today.

The United States Navy named a destroyer escort, the USS Basilone, in his honor. The USS Basilone served in the Pacific during World War II, paying homage to the man whose actions distinguished him as a true American hero.

Family Life

4.1 A Dedicated Husband:

John Basilone’s love story with Lena Mae Riggi is a testament to his devotion and commitment. Despite the demands of military service, Basilone and Lena maintained a strong bond.

His letters to Lena show a deep love and longing for his wife, often containing words of encouragement and reassurance. 4.2 Tragic Widowhood:

Lena Mae Riggi was tragically widowed at the age of 23 when Basilone lost his life in the Battle of Iwo Jima.

Left to raise their son, whom Basilone never met, Lena Mae faced the daunting task of moving forward without her beloved husband by her side. Her resilience and strength in the face of adversity serve as a testament to the indomitable spirit of military families.

4.3 Legacy:

After John Basilone’s death, Lena Mae remained committed to honoring her late husband’s memory and contributions. She dedicated her life to ensuring that Basilone’s heroic acts were never forgotten.

Lena Mae participated in various memorial events, including the christening of the USS Basilone and the unveiling of a statue to honor her late husband in his hometown of Buffalo, NY. 4.4 The Basilone Family Foundation:

In 2003, Lena Mae Riggi established the Basilone Family Foundation to preserve the legacy of John Basilone and support military families.

The foundation provides educational scholarships and financial assistance to the families of fallen or wounded service members. Through her tireless efforts, Lena Mae Riggi continues to make a difference in the lives of those who have sacrificed for their country, carrying on the spirit of service that was so deeply ingrained in John Basilone.


John Basilone’s life was marked by exceptional bravery, unwavering dedication, and a love for his country that propelled him to heroic heights. From his early years in Buffalo, NY, to his final moments on the battlefield, Basilone’s legacy serves as a shining example of selflessness and courage.

The impact of his actions continues to be felt today, inspiring and honoring the men and women who serve in the armed forces. John Basilone’s story reminds us of the sacrifices made by our military heroes and the importance of preserving their memory for future generations.

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