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El Guincho: Exploring the World of Gran Canaria’s World Music SingerEl Guincho, born on November 17, 1983, is a world music singer hailing from the beautiful island of Gran Canaria, Spain. Known for his eclectic and unique sound, El Guincho has captivated audiences around the globe with his mesmerizing melodies and infectious rhythms.

Before his rise to fame, El Guincho had an interesting journey filled with passion, dedication, and a deep appreciation for music.


El Guincho, whose real name is Pablo Daz-Reixa, developed a deep love for music from an early age. Growing up on the vibrant island of Gran Canaria, he was exposed to a diverse range of musical genres, from traditional folk tunes to African rhythms.

These influences can be heard in his distinct sound, which seamlessly blends elements of Afrobeat, tropical pop, and electronica. El Guincho’s music embodies a sense of joy and celebration, with vibrant percussion and catchy hooks that invite listeners to let loose and embrace the rhythm.

His songs are a testament to his creativity and willingness to experiment with different sounds, often incorporating unconventional instruments such as kalimbas, maracas, and handclaps. Despite primarily singing in Spanish, El Guincho’s music transcends language barriers, resonating with audiences of all backgrounds.

His euphoric and infectious energy creates a universal appeal, attracting fans from around the world.

Before Fame

Before catapulting to international recognition, El Guincho dedicated himself to honing his musical skills and exploring various artistic endeavors. His passion for music led him to study audiovisual communication, which allowed him to further develop his understanding of the technical aspects of music production.

During his university years, El Guincho began experimenting with electronic music and producing remixes of popular songs. This experimentation led him to create his own unique style, characterized by samples, loops, and intricate layering of sounds.

His distinctive approach to music production caught the attention of independent record labels, and in 2007, he released his debut album, “Alegranza!”

The release of “Alegranza!” marked a turning point in El Guincho’s career. The album received critical acclaim for its innovative sound and infectious energy.

Tracks like “Palmitos Park” and “Buenos Matrimonios Ah Fuera” showcased El Guincho’s ability to create a sonic landscape that transported listeners to warm, tropical locales. Following the success of “Alegranza!,” El Guincho embarked on a world tour, mesmerizing audiences with his captivating live performances.

His stage presence and vibrant energy further solidified his status as an exceptional performer, with fans eagerly awaiting his next release. In 2010, El Guincho released his second album, “Pop Negro.” This album showcased an evolved sound, with a more polished production and a greater emphasis on pop sensibilities.

Tracks such as “Bombay” and “Novias” received critical acclaim and demonstrated El Guincho’s growth as an artist. Since then, El Guincho has continued to thrive in the world music scene, collaborating with artists such as Rosala and working on various projects that push the boundaries of his genre.

With each new release, he consistently demonstrates his commitment to experimentation and his ability to captivate audiences with his unique sound. Conclusion:

El Guincho’s musical journey is a testament to the power of passion, dedication, and a willingness to push boundaries.

From his humble beginnings on the island of Gran Canaria to captivating audiences around the world, El Guincho has established himself as a world music singer with a distinctive sound that transcends language and cultural barriers. With his infectious energy and vibrant melodies, he continues to inspire and delight fans all over the globe.


El Guincho, with his unique sound and captivating performances, has garnered a significant following and has become an influential figure in the world music scene. Here are some interesting trivia facts about this talented singer:


Stage Name: El Guincho:

Pablo Daz-Reixa’s stage name, El Guincho, is derived from the name of a nearby beach in Gran Canaria, Spain. The beach, known for its picturesque beauty and vibrant atmosphere, served as a fitting inspiration for his musical persona.

2. International Recognition:

El Guincho’s music has gained international recognition and has been featured in various films, television shows, and commercials.

His song “Bombay” was featured in the acclaimed HBO series “Girls” and was also used in commercials for brands like JCPenney and Honda, exposing his music to a wider audience. 3.

Latin Grammy Nominee:

El Guincho’s talent as a musician has not gone unnoticed. In 2011, he was nominated for a Latin Grammy Award in the category of Best Alternative Song for his track “Bombay.” This recognition solidified his status as one of the most innovative and influential artists in the world music scene.

4. Collaboration with Rosala:

El Guincho’s collaboration with Spanish singer Rosala on her critically acclaimed album “El Mal Querer” further solidified his status as a highly sought-after producer.

He co-produced several tracks on the album, including the hit single “Malamente,” which garnered international acclaim and achieved widespread success. 5.

Musical Inspiration:

El Guincho draws inspiration from a wide range of musical genres and artists. He has cited influential musicians such as Brian Wilson of The Beach Boys, Fela Kuti, and King Sunny Ad as sources of inspiration for his unique sound.

His ability to blend diverse musical elements into a cohesive and captivating style is a testament to his broad musical palette.

Family Life

Behind the scenes, El Guincho leads a fulfilling personal life, with his family serving as a strong support system. Here’s a glimpse into his family life:


Supportive Parents:

El Guincho’s passion for music was nurtured by his parents, who fostered a creative and encouraging environment for him to explore his musical talents. Their unwavering support has played a crucial role in his journey to success.

2. Musical Background:

Music runs in El Guincho’s family.

His father is a professional musician who plays several instruments, including the piano and traditional Canarian folk instruments. Growing up in a musical household undoubtedly had a profound impact on El Guincho’s musical development and helped shape his unique sound.

3. Collaborative Project with His Father:

In 2016, El Guincho collaborated with his father on a special project.

The duo released an album titled “Tormenta” under the name Rita Indiana y Los Misterios. This collaborative effort showcased the musical bond between father and son and highlighted their shared love for creating innovative and engaging music.

4. Balance Between Family and Career:

Despite his busy schedule, El Guincho values his family and strives to find a balance between his career and personal life.

Spending quality time with his loved ones, particularly his wife and children, is of utmost importance to him. This balance allows him to maintain his creativity and passion while also being present for his family.

5. Family as Inspiration:

El Guincho attributes his family as a significant source of inspiration for his music.

The love and support he receives from his loved ones serve as a driving force in his creative process. His music often emanates a sense of joy and celebration, reflecting the happiness and fulfillment he finds in his family life.

In conclusion, El Guincho’s journey as a world music singer is characterized by his unique sound, international recognition, and strong family bonds. His music continues to captivate audiences worldwide, while his supportive family serves as a solid foundation for his success.

With his diverse influences, collaborations, and devotion to his craft, El Guincho remains a powerful force in the world music scene.

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