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Title: Britney Tankard: A Reality Star With Tennessee RootsBritney Tankard, a reality star known for her vibrant personality and captivating presence, has managed to captivate audiences with her infectious energy. Born on August 3, 1990, in Tennessee, this Leo has been making waves in the world of entertainment since her early days.

In this article, we will delve into her intriguing journey, exploring her life before fame and shedding light on the factors that have contributed to her success.


From her charismatic on-screen persona to her dynamic family background, Britney Tankard’s life serves as a constant source of intrigue. Here are the key aspects of her life that have shaped her into the mesmerizing reality star we know today:


Reality Star Extraordinaire:

– Britney rose to fame through her appearance on the hit reality TV show, “Thicker than Water: The Tankards,” which aired on Bravo from 2013 to 2015. – Her vibrant personality, coupled with her ability to effortlessly steal the spotlight, propelled her to stardom in the highly competitive reality television industry.

2. The Tankard Family Legacy:

– Britney hails from an illustrious family with a strong connection to the world of Gospel music.

– Her father, Ben Tankard, is a renowned Gospel Jazz artist, while her mother, Jewel, is an accomplished songwriter. – Growing up in such a musical household, Britney developed a deep appreciation for music, which often shines through in her vibrant on-screen appearances.

3. Entrepreneurship Ventures:

– Despite her success in the entertainment industry, Britney is not one to simply rest on her laurels.

– She has ventured into various entrepreneurial endeavors, including the creation of her own fashion line and the development of her brand as a beauty influencer. – Britney’s impressive entrepreneurial spirit demonstrates her determination to lead a multi-faceted and fulfilling life beyond the realm of reality television.

Before Fame

Before gracing our screens as a reality star, Britney Tankard had a rich life full of experiences that shaped her into the confident and magnetic personality she is today. Here are the significant moments and achievements that laid the groundwork for her path to fame:


Early Life in Tennessee:

– Britney was born and raised in Tennessee, where she experienced the joys and challenges of growing up in a close-knit community. – She developed a strong sense of family values, which continues to be a central aspect of her life and is often showcased in her reality TV appearances.

2. Pursuit of Higher Education:

– Britney dedicated herself to her education, attending Clark Atlanta University, a historically black college in Atlanta, Georgia.

– She studied business administration, further honing her skills and knowledge that have proven instrumental in her entrepreneurship ventures. 3.

Passion for the Arts:

– From an early age, Britney displayed a profound love and passion for the arts, particularly theater and dance. – Her involvement in various creative endeavors, including dance competitions and stage performances, fostered her dynamic stage presence and allowed her to cultivate her performance skills.


Through her vibrant personality and infectious energy, Britney Tankard has solidified her place in the realm of reality television. Her Tennessee upbringing, family legacy, and determination to excel in various fields have contributed to her success and undeniable influence in the entertainment industry.

As we continue to witness her journey, it is evident that Britney’s star will continue to shine brightly. Trivia – Unveiling Britney’s Quirky Side

Beyond her on-screen persona, Britney Tankard possesses a multitude of interesting and often lesser-known facts that add to her charm and relatability.

Let’s explore some exciting trivia about this captivating reality star:

1. Hidden Talents:

– Britney possesses an innate talent for singing, which she inherited from her musical family.

While this skill is often showcased in her reality TV appearances, her ability to carry a tune extends beyond the small screen. – In addition to singing, Britney is also an accomplished dancer and has a natural flair for choreography.

Her performances often command attention with her skillful and mesmerizing moves. 2.

Fashionista Extraordinaire:

– With her own fashion line under her belt, it is no surprise that Britney has an impeccable sense of style. – She consistently embraces fashion trends while adding her own unique flair.

Both on and off-camera, Britney’s outfits are a reflection of her vibrant personality and vibrant social media presence. 3.

Philanthropic Heart:

– Britney is more than just a reality star; she is also an advocate for several charitable causes. – She actively supports organizations that focus on empowering women and children, often leveraging her platform to raise awareness and contribute to positive change.

4. Truly “Thicker than Water”:

– Britney often showcases the importance of family and the strength of their bond throughout her appearances on “Thicker than Water: The Tankards.”

– She shares a deep connection with her siblings, particularly her brothers Marcus and Benji, who frequently feature alongside her.

Their playful banter and unwavering support provide a glimpse into the close-knit nature of the Tankard family.

Family Life – The Tankard Dynasty

The Tankard family is a force to be reckoned with, not just in the world of reality television, but also in the realm of music and entrepreneurship. Let’s take a closer look at the remarkable family dynamics that have played a significant role in Britney Tankard’s life:


The Patriarch: Ben Tankard:

– Britney’s father, Ben Tankard, is renowned in the Gospel music industry. His immense talent as a Gospel Jazz artist has earned him numerous accolades, including multiple Grammy nominations.

– Being raised by a distinguished father in the world of music had a profound impact on Britney’s appreciation for the arts and her desire to leave her own mark in the entertainment industry. 2.

The Matriarch: Jewel Tankard:

– Britney’s mother, Jewel Tankard, is just as impressive as her husband. She is a talented songwriter, known for crafting heartfelt lyrics that resonate with audiences.

– Jewel’s strong spiritual beliefs and commitment to family values have undoubtedly influenced Britney’s own personal and professional endeavors. 3.

A Multifaceted Sibling Dynamic:

– Britney has three siblings two brothers, Benji and Marcus, and a sister named Brooklyn. – Each sibling brings their own unique talents and personalities to the table, making the Tankard family a true powerhouse of talent and charisma.

– Their shared experiences, both on and off the screen, contribute to the chemistry and authenticity that viewers have grown to love. 4.

The Tankard Dynasty Continues:

– The Tankard family is known for their unwavering support of one another, both in their individual pursuits and collaborative ventures. – Britney’s appearances alongside her family on reality TV have not only solidified their bond but also given audiences a glimpse into the strength and resilience of their relationships.

5. Building a Legacy:

– As Britney navigates her career and explores various entrepreneurial ventures, she is actively building upon the legacy her parents have established.

– From her fashion line to her involvement in philanthropic endeavors, Britney is carving her own path while honoring her family’s values. The Tankard family’s influence and presence extend far beyond the confines of reality television.

Through their shared love for music, commitment to success, and undeniable bond, they continue to inspire audiences worldwide. In covering the trivia and delving into the family dynamics that shape Britney Tankard’s life, it becomes clear that her story is one of passion, dedication, and resilience.

Whether it be her booming career, her distinctive persona, or her unwavering commitment to family, Britney shines as a remarkable reality star with Tennessee roots.

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