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Bobby Allison’s Birthday, Family, Bio

Bobby Allison: The Legendary Race Car DriverWhen it comes to legendary race car drivers, one name that stands out among the rest is Bobby Allison. Born on December 3, 1937, in Miami, Florida, Allison has made a lasting impact on the world of motorsports.

With a career spanning over several decades, he has achieved numerous victories, leaving a legacy that will be remembered for generations to come.


1. Early Life:

– Born and raised in Miami, Florida, Bobby Allison grew up with a passion for speed and cars.

– He developed an interest in racing at a young age, as his father was a stock car racer. – Allison’s upbringing planted the seeds for his future success on the racetrack.

2. Beginnings in Racing:

– In the late 1950s, Bobby Allison started his racing career on the short tracks of south Florida.

– He quickly gained a reputation for his skills behind the wheel and his ability to navigate challenging tracks. – Allison’s dedication and hard work led to opportunities to compete on a larger scale.

3. NASCAR Career:

– In the early 1960s, Bobby Allison made his way into the NASCAR scene.

– He secured his first victory in the 1966 National 500 in Darlington, South Carolina. – Throughout his career, Allison competed in over 700 races, earning 84 wins, and 3 NASCAR Cup Series championships.

4. Notable Achievements:

– Bobby Allison’s most notable achievement came in 1983 when he won the Daytona 500.

– This victory was particularly memorable, as it marked his comeback after a devastating crash in 1982 that left him with severe injuries. – Allison’s determination and resilience showed the world his unwavering spirit.

Before Fame

1. Early Years and Influences:

– Bobby Allison’s interest in racing can be traced back to his childhood years.

– Growing up in a racing family, with his father being a racer, had a significant impact on his career choice. – Allison’s father served as a mentor, teaching him the ins and outs of stock car racing.

2. Developing Skills:

– As a teenager, Bobby Allison honed his racing skills by competing in local racing events.

– He quickly displayed a natural talent and passion for the sport, attracting attention from established racers. 3.

Rising through the Ranks:

– Allison’s talent and determination propelled him through the ranks of the racing circuit. – He worked his way up from local short tracks to regional and national competitions.

– Bobby Allison’s success in these early races laid the foundation for his future in professional racing. 4.

Turning Pro:

– In 1961, Bobby Allison made the decision to turn professional and pursue a career in racing. – This marked a turning point in his life, as he transitioned from amateur races to the highly competitive world of professional motorsports.

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1. Record-Breaking Speed:

– Bobby Allison was known for his speed on the racetrack and holds multiple speed records.

– In 1971, he set a new record for the fastest closed-course lap at Talladega Superspeedway, reaching a speed of 186.632 mph. – Allison’s record remained unbroken for 11 years, showcasing his exceptional driving skills.

2. Winston Cup Wins:

– Throughout his career, Bobby Allison secured an impressive 84 wins in the NASCAR Winston Cup Series.

– This achievement places him in the top ten of all-time Cup Series winners. – Allison’s consistency and ability to adapt to different tracks and environments contributed to his success.

3. Hall of Fame Induction:

– In 2011, Bobby Allison was rightfully inducted into the NASCAR Hall of Fame.

– This honor recognized his significant contributions to the sport and solidified his place among racing legends. – Allison’s induction served as a testament to his remarkable career and enduring impact on motorsports.

4. Influential Safety Innovations:

– Bobby Allison’s career was marked by notable contributions to driver safety in NASCAR.

– After a tragic accident in 1973, where he suffered significant injuries, Allison became an advocate for improved safety measures. – His commitment to safety led to the implementation of various measures, including full-face helmets, head-and-neck restraints, and energy-absorbing barriers.

Family Life

1. Racing Dynasty:

– Bobby Allison’s love for racing extended to his family, creating a racing dynasty that has left a lasting legacy.

– His three sons, Clifford, Davey, and Robert, all followed in their father’s footsteps and pursued careers in racing. – Davey Allison, in particular, achieved success, winning the Daytona 500 and earning a spot in the NASCAR Hall of Fame.

2. Tragic Loss:

– While the Allison family achieved great success on the racetrack, they also experienced profound tragedy.

– In 1993, Davey Allison tragically lost his life in a helicopter accident at Talladega Superspeedway. – This devastating loss shook the racing community and left a void in the hearts of Bobby Allison and his family.

3. The Allison Legacy:

– Despite the tragedy, the Allison legacy continues to thrive through Bobby’s grandchildren and the generations to come.

– His grandson, Robbie Allison, has pursued a career in racing, carrying on the family’s passion for the sport. – The Allison name remains synonymous with skill, determination, and a love for racing, leaving an indelible mark on the motorsports world.

4. The Allison Family Today:

– As Bobby Allison enters his golden years, his family continues to support him in all endeavors.

– Bobby’s wife, Judy Allison, has been by his side throughout his racing career and beyond, providing unwavering support and love. – Together, they are the epitome of a strong and enduring partnership, serving as pillars within the racing community and their family.

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