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Berta Rojas’s Birthday, Family, Bio

Berta Rojas: A Masterful Guitarist from ParaguayBerta Rojas, born on September 23, 1966, in Asuncion, Paraguay, is a renowned guitarist who has championed the art of classical guitar playing. With her extraordinary talent and dedication, she has captivated audiences around the world.

In this article, we will delve into her life, from her early years to her rise to fame, shedding light on the artistic journey of this exceptional musician.


1. Early Life and Influences:

– Berta Rojas was born and raised in Asuncion, Paraguay, a country famous for its rich musical heritage.

– She developed a deep love for music at a young age, influenced by her family and the vibrant traditional music scene in Paraguay. – Rojas was introduced to the classical guitar by her father, Felicio Rojas, and began studying under influential Paraguayan guitar masters.

2. Musical Training and Achievements:

– Rojas pursued her musical education at the National Conservatory of Music in Asuncion, where she honed her technical skills and musical interpretation.

– During this time, she participated in various guitar competitions, earning recognition for her exceptional talent. – In 1977, Rojas won first prize in the National Guitar Competition in Paraguay, launching her on a path to success.

3. International Recognition:

– Rojas’ talent and musicality garnered attention beyond Paraguay’s borders.

– She gained recognition as the first female guitarist to win the prestigious Francisco Tarrega International Guitar Competition in Spain in 1992. – Since then, Rojas has performed as a soloist with renowned orchestras and at prestigious venues worldwide, including Carnegie Hall and the Royal Albert Hall.

Before Fame

1. Early Professional Years:

– Before achieving international fame, Rojas faced many challenges in her pursuit of a career as a professional guitarist.

– In Paraguay, classical guitar was often seen as a male-dominated field, making it difficult for Rojas to find opportunities to perform. – Undeterred, she continued to hone her skills and sought opportunities to share her talent with audiences.

2. Breakthrough and Artistic Vision:

– Rojas’ breakthrough moment came when she was invited to perform at the Lincoln Center in New York City in 1994.

– This experience inspired her to redefine her artistic vision, using music to bridge cultural divides and promote understanding. – Rojas became an ambassador for Paraguayan classical music, incorporating traditional Paraguayan music into her repertoire and championing the works of Paraguayan composers.

3. Educational Initiatives:

– Recognizing the importance of music education, Rojas has dedicated herself to teaching and passing on her knowledge to future generations.

– She frequently conducts masterclasses and workshops worldwide, inspiring young guitarists and encouraging them to pursue their musical dreams. – In 2019, Rojas established the Berta Rojas Foundation, which aims to provide educational opportunities for young musicians and support the development of Paraguayan music.


Berta Rojas’ exceptional talent, dedication, and artistic vision have cemented her status as a distinguished guitarist on the world stage. Her journey from Paraguay to international acclaim serves as an inspiration to aspiring musicians worldwide.

Through her performances, educational initiatives, and commitment to promoting Paraguayan music, she has successfully bridged cultural divides and left an indelible mark on the classical guitar world.


3.1 Berta Rojas’ Signature Guitar:

– Berta Rojas is known for her distinctive sound, which is partly due to her choice of guitar. – She plays a guitar built by the talented luthier, Sergio Abreu, from Uruguay.

– This particular instrument is a concert guitar with a spruce top and rosewood back and sides, providing a warm and rich tone that perfectly complements Rojas’ playing style. 3.2 Collaboration with Other Artists:

– Throughout her career, Berta Rojas has collaborated with numerous talented artists from various genres, showcasing her versatility as a musician.

– She has worked with renowned classical guitarists, such as Carlos Barbosa-Lima and Paquito D’Rivera, incorporating elements of Latin jazz into her performances. 3.3 Cultural Ambassador:

– Berta Rojas takes pride in being a cultural ambassador for Paraguay, promoting its music and cultural heritage through her performances.

– She frequently includes traditional Paraguayan music in her repertoire, showcasing the unique rhythms and melodies of her homeland. 3.4 Use of Technology:

– In addition to her traditional guitar playing, Rojas also embraces technology to expand the possibilities of her performances.

– She incorporates loops and other effects pedals into her live shows, creating intricate layers of sound that mesmerize audiences.

Family Life

4.1 Early Family Influence:

– Berta Rojas’ love for music was nurtured within her family. Her father, Felicio Rojas, recognized her talent at a young age and supported her musical journey.

– As a child, Rojas often had impromptu jam sessions with her father, who played the guitar, violin, and a variety of other instruments. 4.2 Marriage and Children:

– Berta Rojas is married to Carlos Verdn, an economist.

They have two children together, a daughter named Micaela and a son named Bartolo. – Despite juggling her successful career and family responsibilities, Rojas has managed to strike a balance between her personal life and professional pursuits.

4.3 Musical Influence on Family:

– Berta Rojas’ musicality has also influenced her children. Her daughter, Micaela, has studied music and plays the harp beautifully.

– Rojas regularly performs with her daughter, showcasing their extraordinary musical bond and sharing the stage as a family. 4.4 Mentorship and Legacy:

– Alongside her dedication to music education on a broader scale, Rojas has been a mentor to her own children.

– She has encouraged their musical explorations and supported their academic pursuits, ensuring that the love for music continues within the family. 4.5 Supportive Network:

– Berta Rojas values the support of her family and acknowledges the importance of having a strong network around her.

– Her family is always present at her concerts, cheering her on and celebrating her successes. Expanding on the topics of trivia and family life, we learn fascinating details about Berta Rojas’ musical journey, the unique influences that have shaped her career, and the importance of her family in her personal and professional life.

From her signature guitar to her collaborations with other artists, Rojas continues to push boundaries, embracing technology and showcasing her versatility as a musician. Furthermore, her family’s support and musical influence have played significant roles in her development as an artist, and she, in turn, has shared her love for music with her own children, creating a rich musical legacy within her family.

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