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Benny Benson’s Birthday, Family, Bio

Benny Benson: A Remarkable Individual from AlaskaOctober 12, 1913, marked the birth of a remarkable individual who would leave an indelible mark on the history of Alaska. Benny Benson, a name synonymous with pride and resilience, was born on this momentous day.

In this article, we will delve into his life, exploring his journey before fame, and uncovering the legacy he has left behind. Prepare to be inspired as we pay tribute to this extraordinary individual.


1. Early Life

– Benny Benson was born in the small village of Chignik, Alaska, and grew up amidst the natural wonders of the region.

– His early years were not easy, as he faced financial hardships and lived with a foster family due to his parents’ inability to care for him. – Despite these challenges, Benny’s love for his homeland and his determination to make a difference were evident from a young age.

2. Designing the Alaska State Flag

– In 1926, at the tender age of 13, Benny Benson entered a school flag design contest.

– Inspired by the sight of the Big Dipper constellation in the night sky, Benson sketched his winning design, which would later become the official flag of Alaska. – The blue field of the flag represents the sky, while the Big Dipper and North Star symbolize Alaska’s connection to the Arctic region.

3. An Emblem of Statehood

– Benny Benson’s flag design gained recognition and popularity, eventually becoming a powerful symbol of Alaskan identity.

– When Alaska achieved statehood on January 3, 1959, Benson’s design was adopted as the official state flag, a testament to his vision and creativity.

Before Fame

1. Education and Career

– Following his foster family’s relocation to Seward, Alaska, Benny Benson attended the Jesse Lee Mission Home School.

– Despite lacking formal education beyond the eighth grade, he possessed an innate curiosity and eagerness to learn. – Benson’s passion for aviation led him to enroll in the Alaska Aviation School in 1932, where he trained as an airplane mechanic and pilot.

2. Service to His Country

– In 1940, Benny Benson enlisted in the U.S. Army Air Corps and served as an aircraft mechanic during World War II.

– He played a vital role in maintaining planes, ensuring the safety and functionality of the aircraft that defended our nation. 3.

A Lifetime Dedicated to Alaska

– Even after his military service, Benny Benson remained steadfastly committed to his beloved state. – He worked as a maintenance man for the Alaska Railroad, exemplifying his continued dedication to serving the community.


Benny Benson’s life story is a testament to the power of ambition, optimism, and ingenuity. From a young boy facing adversity to a celebrated Alaskan icon, his legacy lives on through the flag that represents the spirit and resilience of the Alaskan people.

As we look to the stars and see the Big Dipper and North Star on the Alaskan flag, let us remember Benny Benson and the extraordinary impact he had on the Last Frontier.


1. Statewide Recognition

– Benny Benson’s design for the Alaska state flag earned him statewide recognition, and he became a celebrated figure in Alaska’s history.

– In 1972, at the age of 59, Benson was awarded the Order of the Polar Star, the highest civilian honor in Alaska, for his contribution to the state. – This prestigious award acknowledged his remarkable achievement and the lasting impact of his flag design.

2. Legacy in Education

– Benson’s legacy extends beyond his famous flag design.

His passion for education and commitment to fostering a sense of pride among Alaskans prompted him to establish the Benny Benson Memorial Scholarship. – The scholarship, first awarded in 1977, provides financial assistance to high school seniors across Alaska, encouraging them to pursue higher education.

– It serves as a reminder of Benson’s belief in the power of knowledge and his desire to support the dreams of future generations. 3.

Contest Prize

– Benny Benson’s design for the Alaska state flag not only brought him recognition but also earned him a prize for winning the contest. – As the winner, Benson received a watch engraved with his own designan acknowledgment of his talent and a lasting memento of his achievement.

– This prize serves as a reminder of the significance of Benson’s flag design and the impact it has had on Alaska’s identity.

Family Life

1. Parental Struggles

– Benny Benson’s early life was filled with hardships, and his parents faced numerous difficulties in raising him.

– Benny’s father, John Ben Benson, was a Swedish immigrant who had little contact with Benny as he struggled to provide for his family. – His mother, Tatiana Swerdloff, was an Inupiat-Russian immigrant who was unable to care for Benny, leading to his placement with a foster family.

– Despite these challenges, Benny’s resilience and determination enabled him to overcome his upbringing and create a legacy that would inspire generations to come. 2.

Foster Family Support

– Benny Benson was placed with Fred and Edna Kimbell, a foster family who provided care and support during his formative years. – The Kimbells recognized Benny’s potential and encouraged him to pursue his dreams, nurturing his curiosity and belief in his abilities.

– Their guidance and support played a crucial role in shaping Benny’s character and allowing him to showcase his artistic talent. 3.

Personal Life

– After completing his military service, Benny Benson married Elizabeth Wanamaker in 1945. – Together, they raised two children, a son named John and a daughter named Barbara, instilling in them the same values of determination and love for Alaska that Benny himself embodied.

– Although Benny’s fame grew, he remained a humble and devoted family man, always cherishing his loved ones above all else. 4.

Remembering Benny Benson

– Benny Benson’s family seeks to preserve his memory and the legacy he left behind. – They continue to advocate for the recognition and celebration of his achievements, ensuring that future generations understand the significance of his contributions to Alaska’s history.

– Through their efforts, Benson’s impact continues to resonate, inspiring generations to embrace their own unique talents and strive for excellence. Conclusion:

Benny Benson’s impact extend far beyond the design of a flag.

His legacy is one of resilience, creativity, and love for his homeland. From his struggles as a child to his achievements as an adult, Benson’s remarkable journey inspires us to overcome adversity and make a difference.

Through his flag, education, and family, Benny Benson’s name will forever be etched in the annals of Alaskan history, reminding us of the power of passion, determination, and a commitment to making a lasting impact in our communities.

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