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Ashley Martson’s Birthday, Family, Bio

Ashley Martson is a reality star who rose to fame through her appearances on the hit show “90 Day Fianc.” Born on May 2, 1986, Ashley Martson is a Taurus and hails from the United States. With her captivating personality and engaging storylines, Ashley has become a beloved figure in the world of reality television.

In this article, we will delve into her life, exploring her journey before fame and discovering what makes her such a fascinating individual.

About Ashley Martson

Ashley Martson is a reality television star known for her appearances on the popular show “90 Day Fianc.” At the age of 37, Ashley has managed to capture the hearts of viewers with her charm and relatability. Her outgoing personality and willingness to share her personal life on television have made her a fan favorite.

1. Early Life and Background

Ashley Martson was born on May 2, 1986, in the United States.

While not much is known about her early life and background, it is believed that she had a relatively normal upbringing. Ashley’s humble beginnings and down-to-earth nature have made her an easy person to connect with.

2. Rise to Fame

Ashley Martson’s first appearance on “90 Day Fianc” introduced her to viewers around the world.

The show follows couples who are navigating the complexities of an international long-distance relationship while trying to overcome cultural and language barriers. Ashley’s storyline on the show centered around her relationship with her now-ex-husband, Jay Smith, who is originally from Jamaica.

Their unique love story captivated audiences and made Ashley a household name.

Before Fame

Before her rise to reality TV stardom, Ashley Martson lived a relatively normal life. Let’s take a closer look at what she was doing before she became a household name.

1. Education and Career

Ashley Martson’s educational background is not widely known.

However, she has mentioned that she pursued a career in the medical field. It is believed that she worked as a nurse or in a similar healthcare profession before her appearance on “90 Day Fianc.” Her dedication to helping others and her strong work ethic have undoubtedly contributed to her success.

2. Personal Life

Prior to her appearance on “90 Day Fianc,” Ashley Martson was leading a relatively private life.

She was married to Jay Smith, a man she met while on vacation in Jamaica. Their whirlwind romance, filled with highs and lows, played out on the show and captivated viewers.

Unfortunately, their relationship ended in divorce, but Ashley’s resilience and open-heartedness have allowed her to move forward and continue to pursue her dreams.


Ashley Martson’s journey from a relatively unknown individual to a reality television star is a testament to her resilience and determination. Her relatability and willingness to share her story have made her a beloved figure among fans of “90 Day Fianc.” With her captivating personality, it is no wonder that Ashley has managed to capture the hearts of viewers around the world.

As she continues to navigate the world of reality television, we can be sure that Ashley Martson will continue to captivate us with her unique story and infectious enthusiasm.


Aside from her reality TV stardom, there are a few interesting facts about Ashley Martson that fans may find intriguing. Let’s dive into some trivia about this charismatic and fascinating personality.

1. Entrepreneurship

Ashley Martson has shown an entrepreneurial spirit throughout her career.

She launched her own line of clothing called “Ashley & Martson” during her time on “90 Day Fianc.” The line offers a variety of fashionable pieces that showcase Ashley’s personal style. Through her business venture, she has been able to connect with fans and share her passion for fashion.

2. Social Media Presence

Ashley Martson has a significant presence on social media, particularly on Instagram.

She has amassed a large following, often sharing updates about her personal life, fashion choices, and promotional content. Her engagement with fans through social media platforms has allowed her to connect with a broader audience and further solidify her status as a reality star.

3. Philanthropy

Beyond her work in the entertainment industry, Ashley Martson is also involved in philanthropic endeavors.

She has used her platform to raise awareness and funds for various causes close to her heart. Notably, she has supported organizations focused on cancer research and empowering women.

Ashley’s commitment to making a difference in the world reflects her compassionate nature.

Family Life

Family plays an essential role in Ashley Martson’s life, and understanding her familial relationships is key to understanding her journey. Let’s take a closer look at her family life and the impact it has had on her.

1. Marriage and Divorce

Ashley Martson’s most well-known relationship was with Jay Smith, whom she met while on vacation in Jamaica.

The couple got engaged and eventually married, with their wedding featured on “90 Day Fianc.” However, their relationship experienced numerous challenges, including infidelity issues and cultural differences. Eventually, Ashley filed for divorce, marking the end of their marriage.

2. Children

Ashley Martson is a proud mother of two children from a previous relationship.

While their father has not been prominently featured in the public eye, Ashley’s dedication to her children is evident. She shares snippets of her family life on social media, offering glimpses into the joy and love she has for her children.

3. Supportive Network

Throughout Ashley’s journey on “90 Day Fianc,” her family has been a pillar of support.

Her mother, in particular, has been a constant presence, offering guidance and encouragement. Ashley’s close-knit bond with her family has been essential in helping her navigate the challenges of fame and maintain a sense of groundedness.

4. Moving Forward

Following her divorce from Jay Smith, Ashley Martson has shown resilience and a commitment to self-growth.

She has expressed her desire to find love again and build a stable and loving family. Through her experiences, Ashley has become more aware of what she wants and deserves in a relationship, and she remains optimistic about the future.

As Ashley Martson continues to navigate the world of reality TV and beyond, her family remains an integral part of her support system. As she pursues her dreams and embraces new opportunities, she does so with her loved ones by her side.


The trivia surrounding Ashley Martson and her family life provide additional insights into her life outside of reality TV. Her entrepreneurial spirit, social media presence, and philanthropy work showcase her multifaceted nature.

Additionally, her journey in love, marriage, and motherhood highlights the strength and resilience she possesses. As Ashley continues to carve her path in the entertainment industry, her family remains a constant force of love and support.

Through the ups and downs of her personal and professional life, Ashley Martson’s story continues to captivate and inspire fans around the world.

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